Despite being in the news recently for calling dark-skinned women roaches and receiving critique for her use of the N-Word, Cardi B spoke on colorism and latinxs being mixed with African ancestry. Earlier this year, Cardi said using the N-word is normal for her and that all minorities are viewed the same under white supremacy. […]

Read more – Meet Scrilla King – an upcoming rap artist and former friend of Chet Haze. You know the story: Tom Hank’s son became famous for using the n-word moreso than he has with his music career. Chet used the term so frequently that he began losing friends, and interestingly enough still stands behind his […]

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Lord Jamar came back through for another entertaining interview with VladTV, and this time around he reflected on Bill Maher referring to himself as a “field n****” on his show. The Brand Nubian rapper went on to explain that he thinks Bill believed it was a positive term when in all actuality it means being […]

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Three years ago, Machine Gun Kelly addressed rumors of him saying the n-word, and he said it’s completely untrue. His group of friends that joined him also backed up the Cleveland rapper, with one of them even admitting to testing him while they were playing music. Download as mp3 During the conversation, MGK also shared his […]

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Futuristic sat down with DJ Vlad in this exclusive clip to discuss race and length and his upbringing as a biracial kid. He discusses being at shows and encouraging his white fans to say the N-word and how the N-word itself is the most loaded word in the world. Futuristic also explains how Trump brings […]

Read more – Lord Jamar opens up about footage of Justin Bieber making racist remarks, saying that while the first video raised some red flags, the second video confirmed Justin’s “foundations.” The Brand Nubian rapper says that the videos demonstrate a pattern of bigotry with the pop star, and he compares the situation to Donald Sterling’s […]

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Legendary actor Wood Harris sat with Vlad to discuss how the meaning of the N-Word has changed over time and not being bothered about the N-word even though it’s one of the most loaded in American history. He also explains how different cultures use the N-word even though they aren’t technically Black. He discusses how […]

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In 2015, Jidenna stopped by VladTV to talk about Rachel Dolezal, Tom Hanks’ son, and the moral implications of white people using the n-word. “I tell my white friends they can use the n-word. Of course. Anyone can say anything. But you might get your ass whooped,” Jidenna said. “It’s not a term of endearment […]

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New York’s own Cardi B sat down with VladTV following the release of her latest mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2. Here, she talks Lil Kim, not wanting to pay for features on her tape, her use of the n-word, and her dating preferences. “People having racial dating preferences is absurd,” she says, before explaining […]

Read more – Lord Jamar continued his critique of the recently leaked Justin Bieber footage of the teen making racist jokes and singing the word “ni**er” over and over.Download as mp3 When told that YMCMB’s Mack Maine said Bieber isn’t racist because he has “legitimately adopted black culture,” Jamar questioned exactly what that even means: “What […]

Read more – Ja Rule sat down with VladTV and discussed the sometimes tricky use of the N-Word among Black people and those of other races. In 2001, Ja Rule penned Jennifer Lopez’s smash hit, “I’m Real,” which included a line where J. Lo said the n-word, setting off a firestorm of backlash at the time. […]

Read more – “We made the n-word cool, and what happens when we make something cool? White people take it from us.”Download as mp3 In this clip, Charlamagne Tha God makes remarks on racism, the n-word, and why “ku klux klan members need to not be able to wear hoods no more.” He believes a lot […]

Read more – In this special clip rapper Immortal Technique breaks us off with some “sad-truths” about Black culture as he comments on Chet Haze’s infamous usage of the n-word. “That sounds good from the sanctity of your hundred-million dollar home – that plays out a lot different in the street,” he says, directing his statement […]

Read more – The topics of conversation in this exclusive go from compelling to sexually explicit with VladTV favorite Lord Jamar. The Brand Nubian member was asked about Chet Haze, homosexuality in pop culture and his own sexual experiences, and not being one to bite his tongue, Lord Jamar hit us with another history lesson followed […]

Read more – Legendary Queens hip-hop figures Capone, Noreaga, and Tragedy Khadafi recently sat down with VladTV where they weighed in on former Spokane, Washington NAACP president Rachel Dolezal being outed as a white woman, plus Tom Hanks’ son Chet Haze openly using the N-word.Download as mp3 Speaking on Rachel Dolezel being exposed as a white […]

Read more – “You can say the n-word, of course, anyone can say anything. But you might get your a** whooped,” artist Jidenna says with a grin.Download as mp3 The self-proclaimed “Classic Man” spoke to VladTV in this exclusive about the usage of the n-word from both Black and White people’s perspectives, and why you should […]

Read more – When asked about Chet Haze using the n-word and Joell Ortiz’s response to it, rapper David Banner didn’t want to “comment on what another man is doing because it’s ‘female-like.'” With that being said, the public speaker did say that White people should refrain from saying it around him or “you might have […]

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Lord Jamar: Even a Video of Trump Dropping N-Word Won’t Affect His VoterssourceDownload as mp3

Read more – Rapper Ja Rule has mixed feelings when it comes to white fans rapping the N-word while reciting lyrics. The Queens native who uses his fair share of the word in his lyrics said “there’s no way around it.” In an interview with DJ Vlad, the Follow the Rules reality star explained, “It’s Hip-Hop. […]

Read more – LMFAO’s 8ky 6lu is the product of a Black man and a White woman, a concept that confused him a bit as he grew up in California with self-identiy issues. “In the beginning – when I was younger – I went to private schools, and I actually thought my name was n****r. I […]

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