Cassidy opened up about his upcoming project with Swizz Beatz, The Crook and The Thief, as he explained that it’s a response to the current climate of hip-hop. He also got into a conversation about battle rap, which Cassidy says he would love to go back into, but only with the right opponent.Download as mp3 […]

Read more – Charlamange addressed the unfortunate fight between Math Hoffa and Dizaster in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. Plain and simple, Charlamagne believes what happened to Math Hoffa was karma coming back around full circle. Charlamagne pointed out how Math has punched Dose and Serius Jones in battles and he feels that […]

Read more – Cassidy sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he opened up about battling rappers off camera. The Philly emcee says he’s been called to the studio by the likes of Busta Rhymes and Timbaland to battle their artists, including DJ Envy’s artist Coke, as well as Philly’s Most Wanted. The conversation […]

Read more – Lord Jamar recently shared his thoughts on Cassidy and Dizaster’s recent matchup, saying he believes the Philly spitter beat the Los Angeles battler because his bars were some “real classic hip-hop,” while Dizaster’s style, similar to Eminem’s, is a flow he feels white hip-hop lovers gravitate towards. He also says he doesn’t even […]

Read more – Shotgun Suge shared his thoughts on the battle between Cassidy vs. Dizaster in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes. Suge began by addressing the canceled MC WAR battle event featuring Keith Murray vs. Fredro Starr and Bone Crusher vs. Mike Jones. Shotgun believed that these matches […]

Read more – Dizaster and his Krack City crew sat down for an exclusive interview with DJ Vlad and Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes where they discussed in full detail the fight that broke out between them and Math Hoffa at KOTD’s BOLA 5 battle event. Download as mp3 Dizaster explained the full history of his […]

Read more – Dumbfounded had a sit down with VladTV where he discussed his top five battlers as well as his opinion on the ongoing rivalry between Dizaster and Math Hoffa.Download as mp3 When asked who he considers to be his top battle emcees, he stated that even though Hollow Da Don hasn’t been very active […]

Read more – Dizaster shared his opinions on numerous Battle Rap-related topics in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. Download as mp3 He began by discussing Royce Da 5’9’s potential as a Battle Rapper, and how he thinks that he is better suited for the verbally combative sport than Joe Budden. When asked what […]

Read more – Dizaster and Cassidy (via hologram) recently traded blows at a promotional press conference for their upcoming battle in December, with Diz going at Cassidy for claiming to do the battle “for the culture” when he said in a recent VladTV interview that he was only doing it for the money. Cass corrected Diz […]

Read more – The plot has truly thickened regarding the heated beef between Math Hoffa and Dizaster, now that Daylyt has officially gotten involved. The fight between Dizaster and Math Hoffa at KOTD’s BOLA 5 event is all that any Battle Rap fan can really talk about at this point, and a large portion of the […]

Read more – Dizaster tells VladTV his side of the story about the “Ether” battle with Cassidy in this VladTV exclusive. Dizaster says he doesn’t respect the Philly rapper since he talked during his time. He also included that Cassidy may have felt nervous about the battle because the crowd booed him. Dizaster says there will […]

Read more – A few hours ago Dizaster was seen approaching a FilmOn employee about bad business stemming from their Virus Halloween event, as Diz said he wasn’t even sure why FilmOn was involved. The West Coast battle rapper told his Twitter followers, “Do not buy any false ppv filmon is doing I don’t associate with […]

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