Havoc on Feeling Validated After 2Pac Dissed Mobb Deep, Prodigy Being Mad

Mobb Deep rapper Havoc spoke about being stressed out before the release of The Infamous, due mostly in part to his brother, Killa Black, being on the run for murder. He later beat the trial, but Killa Black died after taking his own life, thus inspiring the dark title of their second album “Hell on Earth.” 

During the conversation, Havoc also spoke about 2Pac dissing Mobb Deep on “Against All Odds,” where he rapped, “Mobb Deep wonder why a n***a blowed ’em out/Next time grown folks talk, n***a, close your mouth!” The group later retaliated with “Drop a Gem on ‘Em,” which was pulled after 2Pac was fatally shot. 

To hear more of what Havoc had to say, including Prodigy’s thoughts on 2Pac’s diss, hit the above clip.


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