Wankaego: I Wouldn’t Advise Any Young Girl to Be an Urban Model

www.vladtv.com – Model Wankaego sat down for a Q&A with VladTV where she spoke on the meaning of her unique name, when she began modeling, her love of tattoos and why she doesn’t recommend that young women become urban models.

The “Queen of Trill” revealed that Wankaego is her actual birth name, and stems from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, where her mother is from. It translates to “worth more than money.” She also speaks on her “awkward” first photoshoot where she wasn’t quite comfortable with her body just yet. While she loves her tatts, she says she doesn’t plan on covering her whole body, and has no desire to tattoo the front of her face.

When it comes to urban modeling, Wankaego says that while she’s done it and has been featured on various magazine covers, she would never recommend that lifestyle to someone, as she feels urban models are often disrespected because of their occupation.

Peep the clip above.


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