Jhonni Blaze on Having No Regrets After Fight With Diamond

www.vladtv.com – Jhonni Blaze has had a well documented beef with Erica Mena in the past, but the Love & Hip Hop star said that she’s feeling Erica’s new “slimmed down” look. She also added that she feels like Bow Wow’s fiancee has gotten a butt lift recently, which Jhonni deduced by using her “butt expert” skills.

During the conversation Jhonni also spoke about her beef with her co-star Diamond Strawberry, which initially began after the singer posted photos poking fun at Diamond passing her daughter off as her dog, but things recently escalated further. The two came to blows during a taping of Love & Hip Hop after Jhonni says Diamond tried to dismiss her by waving her hand in her face, which she thought was disrespectful.

To hear more about the beef, check out more of Jhonni’s interview above.


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