Jhonni Blaze on Past as Prostitute, Tears Up Over Deceased Lover

www.vladtv.com – Popular exotic dancer Jhonni Blaze sat down with VladTV and explained how she got involved in the strip game, saying she was a college student with part-time jobs at places like Applebees and Metro PCS. She later turned to prostitution to make more money and support her family. She was then told she could make just as much money as a dancer without having to sell her body, so she ran with that.
Blaze gets emotional when discussing the death of her boyfriend, Brian Washington, back in December when he was shot and killed in front of her. Blaze actually spent 26 days behind bars herself over missing court dates for an assault charge, but she says people assumed it was in connection to the death of her boyfriend since it happened around the same time,
See pics of Blaze and listen to her story above.


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