Nikki Benz Talks to Lex Steele About Co-Stars Being Too Endowed – Acclaimed film stars, Lexington Steele, who has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, along with Nikki Benz, a recent 2015 XBiz Winner, chopped it up with VladTV about a number of topics. After Lex revealed that his total number of partners both on and off the set is somewhere in the 5,000 range, Nikki offered an estimate which includes between 100-200 people.

Citing that “guys work more” the 12-year veteran also explains that at the beginning of her career she was “under contract,” and that stipulation maintained that she “didn’t work that much,” leading to about five movies a year. “I didn’t get to f*** a lot in the beginning of my career,” she says. She then shares that before her current career, she was a college student stripping to pay for her education. “I’m really bored from being just a stripper…and I’m like, ‘I want to do something more,’ and I really wanted to be famous,” says the brunette bombshell.

Although she laughs at her initial motivations and again states, “I just wanted the fame,” Lexington Steele voices his agreement and offers his thoughts, “Well that worked out…That’s why a lot of people get into the biz.”

Be sure to watch the full clip and see what these renowned adult thespians have to say regarding how social media has impacted their industry; how Nikki’s ambition with her profession eventually led to her break up; and Lexington offers his thoughts about directing a woman in a scene with whom he had a romantic relationship.


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