Daylyt: I’ve Got a Joint Album With Drake on the Way – West Coast battler Daylyt had an exclusive sit down with VladTV where he discussed his upcoming projects as an OVO artist, Murda Mook being victorious against Tsu Surf to get to Drake, and Lil Wayne being successful as a battle rapper.

In the beginning of the clip, Day was asked about his claim of being signed to Drake’s OVO imprint. The Grape Street emcee confirmed it, stating he and Drake are working on a joint project together.

The king of antics was then asked about Drake saying Murda Mook must be victorious in a match up against Tsu Surf in order for him to agree to finally step in the ring. Daylyt responded by saying that the stipulation was created by Drake because he is using his status as a hip hop icon to play hard to get. He also claimed that the Toronto native issued the challenge to avoid a battle with Mook due to his inability to freestyle. He then said that he believes Drizzy should have created a greater obstacle for the Harlem legend to overcome in order to score a battle with him. Day also claimed that Drake did not battle Mook at the KOTD Blackout 5 event because his management team prevented the bout from going down so the OVO frontman could focus on the current projects he has in the works with the Compton battler.

When asked about what he feels would happen if Drake and Mook actually battled, Daylyt responded that if Drake showed up to the battle as his character from Degrassi, he would be victorious in all three rounds against Mook. Day also gave his opinion that Lil Wayne would be successful in the ring due to his ability to create great punchlines. The battling veteran also said he thinks Wayne battling is a good idea due to fans not having interest in his ‘Carter V’ album.

Watch the full clip above.


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