Bad Azz: 2Pac’s Murder Started Death Row’s Downfall – Bad Azz opened up to VladTV about where he was when 2Pac was shot. He revealed that he recieved a phone call early on about the incident, but he never saw the legendary rapper before his death. He went on to express that Nate Dogg and the Outlawz witnessed the shooting, but were never able to identify the shooter after only seeing his arm.

Speaking more on 2Pac, Bad Azz revealed that he’s holding on to some tracks with the “Dear Mama” rapper, which he’s looking to release at the perfect time. The Long Beach spitter later told us that he has one track with 2Pac completed, but he explained that it’s a “grimey” track that he’s not set on releasing right now.

Check out more of what Bad Azz had to say in the above clip.


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