Mopreme Shakur: 2Pac Is in the Same Category as Bob Marley – Rapper Mopreme Shakur has shared tons of stories regarding Tupac Shakur’s time here on Earth, and in this exclusive clip, the Outlaw paints a picture of what life would be like in this day and age if his step-brother were still alive.

If 2Pac were around to witness the police brutality that has taken place over the years, Mopreme Shakur undoubtedly feels he would have been one of the first people to take a stand. “‘Pac would have been organizing a state march” for the murder of Freddie Gray, Mopreme believes. He also feels his brother would’ve been “more into law,” since he constantly dealt with legal battles in the early to mid 90’s.

Mopreme also spoke on the endless rumors that 2Pac was never murdered and lives somewhere in Cuba. He says he doesn’t mind the rumors about ‘Pac still being alive “because ‘Pac is a legend, and they talk about all legends like that,” as he compares his celebrity to that of Bob Marley and Elvis Presley.

Hear what else he had to say about Tupac and social injustices above.


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  • Daren Myers

    if some fuckin how trump can be president an people hate him fucckkkkk ya pac had influince on people he had leadership ya he coulda been in that white house somwhere

  • Anthony Richard

    If Pac was still here he would slide away like Mase or all the 90s over rated trash and like Big said " You Nobody till Somebody Kills You" and Pac" Im Told its the white man whos doin all the killin here"Mo u done and without Pac u nothing!! Pacs DEAD by a BLACK man with a CAR full of BLACK MEN just like NY City when He was on a few Rape beefs and found guilty. watch his guilty ass face …. shit Thats Guilt and after bail hed be gone 8 plus years in 1997 so Makavekli was it while Big would have ruled with pun and em as the best. even trice hot. but Pac would be done. Steve Segal str8 2 video or online trash. No one digs rapists. Pac had to die like big said. NA 500 million people in NA and 5 % commit most murders and crime or in the states its 12.8 is responsible for more crime and major crime on our own as well dear mama. no dad for mama now and b4 and after so black woman are angry like sasha shkur (RIP soon bitch) who are BLM. But it should be ALL black lives matter. but snitchin is a nono, sellin drugs to ur own ppl or preg woman(chech stats on crack babies backround) and Fathers day is for Will Smith and Ice Cubes dumb ass who aint from comopton and ran outta state when paps 5 figure $ investment aint get his first boy band together at 14. Man if I could get all that at that age from mom and pap… shit. nobody even know but u online so check it. Pac was a ballareana at 140 lbs who couldnt handle the street and was dead by 21 as he even says. and the gay thing well chech him and the little boy 14 in the closet in 04s resurection. Bob would kick his light skinned ass red if he heard all that trash. even drakes jewish white ass is better and right like jay and kanye about overated. rot in hell affeni and meet ur 7 crack baby miscarages b4 pac actually made it at one ounce 2 grams at birth. fucken sick. fuck all yall like pac. green like cucumber skin alright as that ugly mf said but diddys only talent on the real. big worth 20 pacs dude. Pac alive lol. If he was alaive hed be clowned on and gone for rape the rapist mf and not my ppl 4 sure nore cube with paps and his boyz callin our girls bitches cuz he got no pussys. CB$ was based on the west coast and mostly NWA shit. u dumb or young not to know dat. fake ass bio. dre areested for parking tickets lmfao. ez moved a bird or two. yeah real john gotti we got there. shit.

  • Leon Sanders

    The closets to Malcolm X political was Tupac. Bob Marley was OK and was a fan, Fuck Elvis Presley and no black man in so called America has came closer as a activity like Malcolm X.

  • Shawn P.

    Pac promoted more violence upon his own people right before and during his deathrow era. even his interviews he was either high or drunk, dude was a character, I ain't disrespecting the dead but it's ironic how his whole image changed when he got with death row. Shock G loved pac, but doesn't it seem obvious that Shock G kind of kept himself distance as 2pac started going extra with his Thuglife personification? I mean come on man, pac was more of a follower. then he always dissing niggas, claiming every rapper was taking his style. he even said ice cube took his style. smh.

  • Shawn P.

    2pac is completely overrated, first of all if the government wanted to really kill 2pac they would have when he was actually on his political shit not during the time where he decided he wanted to portray a gangsta fucking with deathrow. You 2pac stans can't get over the fact that 2pac is dead, he was murdered for some street shit. Get off the theory that the government wanted him dead like seriously. He was an ok rapper but there were many more rappers at that time more talented. Besides, if the government wanted to kill 2pac because of this so called political movement he wanted to start then why didn't they kill Artist like KRS ONE, all 11 of his albums was political and as well as educational, Public Enemy should have been killed, even Ice Cubes first 3 albums was political and streetwise. smh. stop acting as if Pac started that political shit.

  • Shawn P.

    VLAD just said he don't believe cop's are still killing black kids? wow. How fucking ignorant. Not only are they killing black kids, but they are killing black adult men and women who are unarmed and appear as no threat. smh

  • Gods Will

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    All rappers will rap with Tupac, best believe haha

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