Lord Jamar on Troy Ave: If You Do Bozo Things, You Should Be Called “Bozo”

During a recent sit-down with VladTV regular guest Lord Jamar, the Brand Nubian rapper shared his thoughts on Mysonne calling Troy Ave a “bozo.” Jamar explained that if you’re going to do bozo things, you’re going to get called out on it.

During the conversation, Lord Jamar spoke about doing things that could’ve landed him in jail, but he said that he knew the right way to move in the streets in order not to get caught. To hear more of what Lord Jamar had to say during the interview, including why calling the cops on someone like Cleveland killer Steve Stephens isn’t snitching, hit the above clip.


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  • St23Vincent

    Please upvote this comment so maybe Vlad will see this and stop assuming that all black people don't call the police. You're only a snitch when you yourself make money in the street. The black family with the father and or mother that both work legal jobs to support their kids aren't considered snitches for reporting illegal activities. They don't live that life and are NOT expected to operate under those rules. Some niggas don't see it that way and will want revenge no matter if you're in the street or not but that's not how it supposed to be. If I rob niggas with somebody and during one of the robberies somebody gets shot and killed Im keeping my mouth shut…even if I wasn't involved at all. But if I'm Mr. Smith that witnessed this I have every right to call the police.

  • RevolutionaryFather

    in Florida we call Prison da Chain Gang. Jail is jus tha County(county lockup). Wen u wrk n Da County u called a Trustee & u wear stripes & all n my county! lol but uon get paid sht! but tyme…. they give u like 5days fa every 30 u do & then they shit u on your tyme youve accumulated. Ive dun 14months b4 bk n 03 & they had us doin Slave type Labor 4 zero $$$. Lol ur ppl gotta send in 💰 for u to get real deodorant, soups, honeybuns n sht….. These Crakkkers charging ppl & making millions on locking ppl up. smdh…..

  • KMFL

    I have never been to prison but I've been in 2 shootouts I've got caught with guns and the police never take me to jail they just take my guns and I don't have a thug demeanor. I'm articulate and I don't carry myself as a thug so police never believe I'm doing thug shit. I been to jail for dui and public intoxication never for guns o gang activity. Don't underestimate people who haven't went to prison they are prolly just more articulate and police actually probably respect your gangster.


    If you call the police is snitching fuck outta here in no scenario should call police if you live that life other then ya mom or ya child being sick and even then the fire department do have a fucking number fuck what he did it ain't YOUR buisness

  • Huᴍble beast

    Vlad: I remember when i was locked up..
    What you get locked up for?
    "Suspended license"……….
    BOYYY! Vlad if you dont stop trying to put your two cents in in every video trying to one up a nigga. Dont nobody care bout your frail police leech ass. Old me to ass dude.

  • Marc Twaine

    Mysonne sounds like a fucking idiot. So you went to court with a suit on it and still got hit with damn near the maximum time you could get…so how did it help you? It still cost your entire career. Like the difference in what you wear has anything to how the sentence blacks. Troy wore what he wore to play up the angle that his life was in danger.

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