Kurupt Recalls His Sister Linking Him Up W/ Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre

www.vladtv.com – According to Kurupt, his sister Diamond is the one to thank for his title as one of Cali’s most well-known artists. During this exclusive clip, Tha Dogg Pound member provides the details of him and Snoop Dogg’s battle, who he feels won, and the time his sister spoke to him on the phone as she sat next to Dr. Dre.

“She’s the key to the game,” Kurupt reveals. One night at The Roxy Theatre in California Diamond began egging on Snoop to battle her brother. Once he accepted, both him and Kurupt kept it thorough with their lyrics, but as far as a winner Kurupt says it was “definitely on the even.” “It was like East meets West, because I’m rapping about beheading people and murder and mayhem and destruction” while Snoop Dogg “was talking about s*** that L.A. could relate to.” It even got to the point where Kurupt felt the Cali native’s lyrics were so good he had to stop and question which coast he was actually from.

About a year and a half later , Diamond called Kurupt while at a picnic with Snoop and Dr. Dre. Diamond kept talking about “this n**** named Kurupt,” he remembers her telling him. “She did that.” Once Dre actually got on the phone to chop it up with him, Kurupt recalls saying “I’ll be there in an inkling of a second,” almost unable to control his shock and excitement. Catch the entire story above.


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