Lord Jamar: Macklemore’s Pushing Gay Agenda

www.vladtv.com/ – Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar explains the difference in rap and hip hop, and claims that “rap is gay friendly,” not hip hop. He then shares his thoughts on Macklemore’s “Same Love” song, and explains why he doesn’t believe white rappers should be able to share their opinion in hip hop.


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  • soh loh

    he never said white rappers dont have a place you people are retarded, heres an eminem bar "and do black music so selfishly, and use it to get myself wealthy" go look it up, basically every great white rapper ever to exist has acknowledged this point, get over yourselves, nobody is trying to jeopardize your unwavering love, and barely anyone cares, dont shit on black peoples culture by forgetting it came from them, nobody cares if you're jewish, you either exist within the culture that birthed hiphop or you don't, CLIMB DOWN OFF YOUR ENTITLEMENT HORSE, you can't be "past racial identity" until you understand its history, YOU DONT GET THAT CHOICE until you are educated, otherwise opting out of racial indentity is ENTIRELY IGNORANT to reality.
    White people doing black music has ALWAYS existed, ELVIS did black music (rock'n'roll), eric clapton did black music (blues), and many white people joined in with Jazz. Theres nothing new about white people using black music to sell more than black people do (nor is there anything wrong as long as you acknowledge this), record labels have specifically recruited artists for this purpose throughout the ages, why do people think anything would be different these days. Unless you're too young to know the history.

  • acrophobe

    I'm sure that the professional troll and crybaby Lord Jamar would be saying the exact same thing if Macklemore had come out with a hit song about how gays should be mocked and rejected and gay rights quashed by the state. Right, Jamar? You're not a HYPOCRITE are you, "Lord" Jamar? If Macklemore had come out with the same homophobia and bigotry as you you would still be claiming hip hop racial privilege, right my dude?

  • Bradley Pollard

    I live my life by the my own personal creed which I call Esprit De Corps. Which means a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group. Rap music is one such example of a particular group. On one hand I do get what Lord Jamar means by "white rappers are guest in the house of hip hop". Looking at the roots of rap music in general then yes he is mostly correct. But on the other hand he should realize that times are not the same. Rap music has changed and is deff more welcoming to all walks of life. In a track by Eminem he says something like "growing up it didnt matter what color you were if you could spit then you could spit that was it".

  • The walking Dad

    Guests??!! What an arrogant piece of shit. Rap is not a black thing. It's a universal thing for Spanish and whites and blacks.
    This guy is clueless. Rock music isn't white. Blacks are welcomed to rock on if they want and nobody makes them uncomfortable. This guy is a piece of shit that I would punch in the mouth.

  • spikenpokey1969

    Lord Jamar can san what ever the fuck he wants to say no questions asked!!!!! He is hip hop not rap or this pop hop bullshit on the radio today. If you had skills back in the day you could get on the radio .Now you need to pay the djs and publishers money to play shit and it dont matter if the song sucks or not if you got the money to pay them off charlamane and 105.1 they will play that wak ass record all fucking day till the point where you cant stand the song good or not. Real hip hop and its culture comes from NEW YORK CITY the east coast and thats all there is to it. Now dont get me wrong there were a few groups from the west and south that did real hip hop tracks and never got far cuase they were to real. My piont is peaple dont know the diffrence between hip hop and rap.

  • Shao A

    I didn't think his opinions were very surprising – he's more of a 5%er than Sadat X/Grand Puba. I can't really find the sources but some say he's the one that challenged Q Tip to make Georgie Porgie and he's the reason it was recorded in the first place.

    Sadat X and Puba don't really speak on this stuff and homosexuality anymore, Grand Puba has barely any interviews as it is.

  • B MBOX

    What he's right about is that Hip-Hop at its core really erupted when it became a masculinity contest. The idea that you could go around promoting men blowing each other in the days of wutang would have had you laughed off the face of the hiphop community.

    In that sense, he's saying macklemore is pop hits, and not traditional hiphop. Which i'd say is true.

  • DragonGodThunder ThunerGodPray

    I agree with him on this hiphop shit, the new era turned it into pure garbage.
    Rae and shit. One word on repeat not making any sense walk talk and act like they're on heroine.
    This trap shit, is hands down the worst gengre ever created. Apperently there's this person that shit a constant turd for like 5 meters, some consider that art. That's how I accept Trap rap as music.

  • Ricardo Jaime

    @lordjamar black started hip hop? 😂 you must be out your fucking mind. Racist guys like you jamar, think is a black mans thing it's an American thing! Without America there you wouldn't be a hip hop artist the fans make the rapper/ hip hop artist, there are way more hoods or ghettos worse than the ones in America we the fans make hip hop happen not a black thing get that mentality off your head.

  • Cameron R

    This dude…. Not only is he Racist and homophobic but his facts are wrong. Rapping was invented in Scandinavia by the Vikings who would trade insults at each other through rhythmic poetry aka RAP BATTLES. So quieten the fuck down, take ya motherfucking shoes off and pay homage to ye olde rap Gods ODIN and THOR.

  • Roggi

    From what he's saying it sounds like almost every music genre is specific to black people, in other words white people should have nothing to do with music.

  • Riley Martin

    Lord Jamar: There is no place for gays in hip hop. Macklemore is wrong for supporting the LGBT agenda and furthermore he should not express himself the way he wants to because he's white. I'd say he's alienating his audience but I don't think he spits anymore.

  • dasg [Wary]

    That dude is a rapper? He just saied that HipHop is the golden Age of Rap… Rap is a Part of HipHop, but HipHop isnt a part of rap. Hiphop is MCing, Breaking, DJing and spraying…

  • warrior1975ify

    The boundaries to hip hop are determined by the culture not the past. As the culture changes so will hip hop this is unavoidable. You have to respect people's decisions. You may not agree but the energy you are spending on promoting the hetrosexual black boundaries of hip-hop are destructive. creativity music art should be respected as long as the skill and the talent is there. all this other dialogue and rejection talk is hypocritical. you're not the police of Hip Hop.

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