Hopsin Explains Why People Refer to Him As the Black Eminem

www.vladtv.com – Panorama City native Hopsin is known for his unique lyrical style just as much as he is for his distinctive look. Because he heavily uses multisyllabic words in his lyrics and has stated that a certain Detroit emcee has influenced him in the past, it’s not hard to see why he still gets compared to Eminem on a regular basis, be it in a negative or positive manner. “I just usually judge people by the tone that they use when they say it,” he discloses to us during the interview, further expressing that “it’s all love either way.”

As far as working with Slim Shady, Hopsin says it would be nice, but it’s definitely not on his bucket list. “I can’t just post a tweet like ‘Ayo Em’, give me a call bro.’ Like, it doesn’t work like that,” he explains. “I enjoy people’s music but I don’t really try to mix our sound.”

There was one man he would’ve enjoyed working with, however. Unfortunately for Hopsin, the guy he “really, really, really, really” loves is no longer with us. Find out who he wishes he had the chance to collaborate with and hear more about him being referred to as the Black Eminem above.


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  • Mike Jones

    Dressing in drag doesn't help either. Nor do the accents and impressions. All blatant stuff. He's obviously biting pretty hard off of him, but that's apparently what he wants. We'll see if Em ever gives him an acknowledgement of respect, or calls him out for being mini me.

  • Dark LORD

    Intellectually he'd be more comparative to Tupac. A lot of dumb people aren't actually listening to Hopsin, he's a genuinely smart guy. He used rap to vent his philosophy, he says in many of his songs he hates Hip Hop because of what its been reduced to and if you listen to Eminems music these days, he's not really splitting any atoms with mind blowing shit like Hopsins does.

  • DjStiv3

    still surprising they never got together. I feel pretty odd about eminem not reaching out. You know damn well em keeps his ear to the streets and up and coming rappers. He normally works with people he highly admires and feels is a good rapper for one reason or another. So it makes me feel odd because i love'em both, theyre awesome but they need to do a few songs together already i mean damn Em you like mid 40s now, its about time to start branching off and working with some other artists and giving back a bit to those that were inspired by you, same way you were by others. Hops got a good fanbase for doing most things himself and being independent.

    Come on hop, fuck it reach out yourself if need be and make it happen its 2017 man, youre in your 30s now you aint getting younger neither.

  • YouNeek

    Although Hopsin can rap, his theme in his lyrics make him sound bitter & angry. The way he bashes other rappers & disses almost everybody in a song makes him seem like he's out to get everyone. Then it seems that after he's dissed everyone he could & has nothing else to talk about, his artwork shows that. It's as if he has no other passion in his music other than dissing people or sounding distraught. That's probably why a lot of people say he's corny or can rap but he's music is just not susceptible. He probably needs to find new passion in his music.

  • Keifone The Great

    the best rapper in the world is not a white guy the best rapper in the world is actually a black guy….
    if you guys want to label Eminem the best because of how technical he is… than nope, K-Rino is the worlds most technical rappers with the most creative concepts
    "I skin throats/with five million and ten volts/ and then offend folks/with complimentary INSULTS. "
    his bars are always complex this just what I can remember..
    Listen to k rino multi reflex
    try to catch all metaphors within the first 30seconds…..

  • Keifone The Great

    Eminem definitely is not one of the greatest rappers of all time.
    there is a rapper that is way more skilled than Eminem also write songs way faster than Eminem just released an album called the Big 7, 7 complete albums all in one only took him one year, he releases 3 or 4 albums in a year usually. he's not only skilled in every aspect of wordplay poetry multies. he has concepts that Eminem can't even touch.

    Eminem fans get real butt hurt when they see someone talking like this before you even reply to this message listen to this song first


    Only the real fans who know what skills of wordplay multi syllable please respond intellectually honest most fan boys are just intellectually dishonest.

  • Pepper James

    Why is sounding like Eminem a bad thing? I think all rappers should try to be legit lyricists and that's what Em and Hopsin is. Like what the fuck?! Homie I made you rich… lmao

  • Jordan Burkhead

    Honestly I feel like Hopsin is on Ems radar but I feel like even though Eminem has had some fire shit in the past year and a half or so (all I think about, medicine man, etc) I feel like Em may be a little scared that Hopsin would best him on a song and do his style better than him and that's the last thing Em wants to see I'm sure

  • Morenita Haaay

    Eminem is talented and one of the greatest of all time, regardless of skin color. He appeals to everyone, and his use of literary devices in his music , is just unlike any other rapper. Pro blacks and pro whites need to get over themselves. Skin or ethnicity shouldn't determine talent period.

  • KüreHïpHöp

    Why tf hasn't Eminem said shit on Hopsin?..Hopsin is hella famous now and I know for a fact that Eminem knows of or has heard of Hopsin. EVERYONE wants them to do a song together and they are so similar. WHY TF HAS HOPSINS NAME NEVER CAME OUT OF EMINEMS MOUTH?!! It drives me crazy

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