Charlamagne on Iggy Azalea: Everyone in Hip-Hop Puts On an Act – Charlamagne shares his thoughts on Rah Digga’s comments about Iggy Azalea not being “real Hip-Hop,” and questions what the statement actually means. The famed radio host says that Northern Hip-Hop fans only think things from their area is real Hip-Hop, but Charlamagne points out a host of influential Southern artists who are legends in the game.
The conversation then turns to Iggy Azalea’s Southern accent, which the “Guy Code” star says he fully understands. Charlamagne feels that the “Fancy” rapper’s influence from rappers down South has been molded since her teenage years, and he believes that her accent is a “light” offense compared to what other rappers are doing right now.


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  • DamirDelicAussie31051995

    Honestly, I must agree with Charlamagne. I mean, hip hop is not real for Iggy but that's one of her interesting passion to require her personality and her assertiveness and that was one of her biggest dreams to challenge us with her song whether for example whether you're from England, Germany wherever you live just be truthful about you and introduce yourself about you becoming a famous rapper and live in the US then they'll record and you can write your own song to impersonate your life. But for Iggy, that's why still she has one of the best topping single charts in the whole wide world such as Fancy, Work, and Black Widow. I'm from Australia too since she used to be a judge on the X Factor down under 2016. About Rah Digga's comment at the radio interview that was her own simple opinion. So what! Why not let Iggy continue with her hip hop music industry and we don't give a fuck whether some of you guys who aren't Iggy's fan even her southern American accent. Same for Drake. He's not a real American hip-hop. He's 100% Canadian born and raised but were ultimately passionate into rap and hip hop living in America and he sounded like Lil Wayne. For Iggy she sounds like Da Brat and that's why she's got the purest ambition to involve her personality into black hip-hop community whether she is white and so does Eminem. And honestly, she has a good feature and her best attachments to look and feel good through rapping and modeling and there is a connection for her to bring up her intentional story to write her own song about having good time, twerking, tipsy, asses just like Nicki Minaj even though she has a better quality style of singing and rapping. They're both lovely performers and I love them, so we all must embrace it.

  • Martin Curry

    Stop this Iggy protection shit! White bitch shouldn't been in the game to begin with.This a big L for T.l.! Couldn't find a black girl in the ATL. T.I., to manage? Charlane the Queen u just bitch made kool aid. keep sucking them hiphop dicks.

  • Aso Paso

    She's lived there for 10 motherfucking years. Typical dumb ass Americans have no comprehension of what it means to travel and be influenced by other cultures and languages because you fat asses stay in the same fucking city you were born in 99% of the time. When you have lived somewhere for a number of years, you pick up on the motherfucking accent! Just like how Azelia Banks has a Spanglish accent cause she is from Spanish Harlem and been around alot of Dominicans. Maybe that example will enlighten you idiots. Erghhh, learn and move around a bit. Fuck sake.

  • Kid Ill

    I find it funny how y'all are going at iggys neck for rapping with a southern accent and calling her fake haha.. If you think anybody In the industry is real then your dumb as fuck!! Hip hop is supposed to be gangster right? So what about when officer Ricky turned "gangster" and started talking about drugs and all that shit? It's all fake and y'all ain't saying shit about that!! If all these so called "gangsters" in hip hop can accept a police officer to talk about drugs and Guns and all that then why should iggy rapping with a southern accent offend you? Most rappers in today's hip hop use auto tune… That's also fake as hell!! Who do you know who has an original voice that sounds like a robot? Do some research before u try take shots!!

  • Taylor Kirkland

    I mean at the end of the day…Iggy still getting paid…while y'all talking shit she still laughing to the bank… like she can't freestyle but she cool like let her do what makes her happy….Hip Hop makes her happy rapping makes her happy….like leave her alone… let her do her

  • tnargtnarud

    It's pretty tragic how we as a society are STILL limiting people from pursuing their dreams. I remember our teachers told us anything that we can dream, we can do. Suddenly as we become older, we become hecklers and assholes.

    Iggy may seem whack to some of you, but what she's doing is living her dream. She ain't painting her face black, she ain't rapping about shootouts, growing up in "harlem", or using the word nigga left and right. She's making music SHE wants to make. So what's the problem? An image of a white person rapping is scary?

    Hip Hop is not about "authenticity" as it is about WHAT you're SPITTING. It's poetry, it's telling a story, it's conveying your emotions into words and creating flow. Whack ass "rappers" like Souljah Boy, Meek Mill, or French Montana get passes because they simply "look" the part of Hip Hop? Get the fuck out of here.

    Nobody wants anyone to succeed. If Iggy or any other person NOT of color bothers you, then simply don't listen, watch, or converse about them. Just because she's making money based on HER skills and HER dreams, doesn't mean you have any right to limit anyone's success or goals.

  • Justin O'Brien

    I'm disappointed with Charlamagne I thought he was "the voice of the people" mutherfucker iggy is a fake ass piece of garbage and I'm definetely not the only one who thinks it

  • jp ralston

    He just cant stick his foot in his mouth, he knows she is wack and fake, but he cant do anyhting because 105.1 is gonna make him play it and he is going to sound like a hypocrite.

  • Sasha Lena

    To all ya haters… You know good and goddamn well when you say Iggys name in the YouTube heading you pressed the button, wanna know what, cause she's has all ya'll interested and talking.. Good, bad and everything in between. Sitting up here just talking… 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Tin

    I'm a huge hip hop fan HUGE. From Wu Tang era to kendrick. I only listen to American radio. Hot 97, the breakfast club (YouTube obviously). I'm Vietnamese born Australian and I had no IDEA there was a rap scene in Australia. NO IDEA till I heard of Iggy and interviews. I say good she don't fuck with Australian HiP Hop, I wouldn't.
    1. They are racist as fuck
    2. They suck and are culture vulture.
    She kept it to the roots of hip hop but then when she exploded she went pop. I understand why she don't fuck with Australia. She didn't want to be labeled something bad. I know heaps of kids that want to rap but Australia thinks "OH ITS AUSTRALIAN RAP ONLY WHITE PEOPLE". She played it smart and separated herself from them she can't represent Australia…half of them are white teen twats that are privileged and complain about life when they are MILLIONAIRES. I've lived in urban areas where I see black people hustling Asians joining gangs, people coming addicts…I know friends parents who were gang affiliated. Media suppress what's real about Australia. Iggy can't speak on that. She's never experience it. Even though I don't like her music don't mean like her. Proud of her… #NoHomoPost

  • Mal Ach

    We all know that Charlamagne couldn't dare say anything negative about the music industry's whore of the moment. "What the fuck is real hip-hop?" Go listen to some KRS-1 or Public Enemy you coon. Hip Hop used to be an art form of Black empowerment, an expression of REAL life and the Black experience of oppression and marginalization.

    You'll go in on someone like Lauryn Hill for so-called "poor music production" (your bullshit assessment of her song Consumerism) but Iggy Azalea is a 'young lady.'  Get the f*** out of here you no identity sell-out. "Cultural critic?" Iggy Azalea doesn't bother you because you're a grade A coon.

  • niko loggins

    I think iggy can rap for a white girl i never seen a hardcore rapping white girl its innovative and if thats not the definition of hip hop i dont know wat is im black and im from dc and i would rather listen to iggy than rah digga i wouldnt be crankin none of dat shit

  • Jovonna Vann

    i'm an African American girl born and raised in the deep south…MISSISSIPPI! and iggy azalea. i'm so sick of and tired of whites raping our culture. elvis, iggy azalea, riff raff, vanilla ice, kim kardashian
      etc. if you're gonna use OUR (African american) cuture atleast do your homework and research it. the blatant act of disrespect and ignorance they display is equal to a 1920s minstrel show. I get so tired with mainstream America degrading black women, bc we have darker skin, referring to us as hypersexual, "less than smart", and ugly…and in the same breath tanning their skin, risking their lives for bigger breasts and asses, and dating black men. (not that im against interracial dating). but they would never walk all over Asian, indian, or Hispanic culture when wanting to date their men!!!! we are people, not mascots,

  • Walter Duran

    The first time I heard Iggy I thought she was a black girl, this is only about money T.I. has made some good money.  and yes is true a lot of people pretend in all art forms, but I guess what makes people a little upset it is not Iggy personally, she stands for the destruction, the reinvention of hip hop as simply a way to make money, the beginning of the end of the culture, and it happen to rock and roll which is also black music, delta blues which is country is also black music, everything is black music, we are taking part in a shift and when we see someone with not much talent make it cause she's is white and can sell to white girls it does bother a little bit, Eminem for example is a beast, is real talent, but this chick, please man

  • Nate River

    People hate on Iggy because she goes too far with the accent. Nobody gives a fuck if she raps. The race thing is only an initial reaction and then nobody cares. The problem isnt whether she writes her own material or not. The problem is that people cannot help but be a little turned off by somebody who tries to rap like pac, and then goes home sounding like Russel Crowe.

  • Jason Morasch

    Theyre only making this a big deal because shes white, thats it. Black people hate white people so much everytime we try to get in the rap game theres always arguments about us "ruining" hip hop, shit, hip hop was dead as soon as soujia boi came out if anything the blacks rappers nowadays are fucking just awful i cant name an artist i like today

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