Flashback: Lance Stephenson on Balancing Rap & Basketball, His AND1 Sneaker Deal

Flashback to this interview with Lance Stephenson when discussed the future of AND1, and why it is still relevant in the NBA world and that of formal streetwear.

Being the lone member of AND1 is difficult, but Lance thinks with his on-court personality and ability to attract the younger generation of basketball fans, it will help bring the brand back to the height it was at in the late ’90s and early 2000s. He wants to see the NBA embrace the Street Ball game on and off the court and he goes into detail about why the products AND1 brings to the shelves will help make that a reality.

Also, for those who didn’t know, Lance is a rapper, and he speaks on possibly teaming up with a few NBA guys for a track or two. He compares his ability to rap to how he performs on court, and also discusses the state of the Charlotte Hornets, who are currently fighting for that final playoff spot, and the moves made in the EAST.

Big ups to hollywoodcold85 for the exclusive!


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