Daniel Gibson: Online Rumors Caused Hurt With Keyshia

www.vladtv.com – Daniel “Boobie” Gibson opens up to VladTV about his marriage to Keyshia Cole, explaining that their problems were exacerbated by all the gossip flying around on social media. He then shares a story about him taking a photo with a stripper who just happened to be someone from his hometown, but the photo led everyone to believe they were hooking up.
The basketball player also speaks about co-parenting his son with Keyshia, which he says can be difficult. He admits that it’s hard to adjust being the only parent around his son at times, but claims he’s trying to be friends with Keyshia to find a solution.
Their divorce becomes the next topic, and Daniel says he wasn’t going to be the one to file, so he was extremely shocked when someone filed paperwork under his name. He claims TMZ ran the story because someone left their number on the paperwork and pretended to be him when the gossip site called to verify.
Check out what else he had to say in the above video.


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