Scott Adams on Huge Dilbert Success, Shows How Dilbert is Drawn

In this exclusive interview with legendary Dilbert creator sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss the in and outs of his career. He discusses his first check only being $378 and working hard in order to breakthrough. Many have misconceptions about success coming overnight but Adams completely defies the notion. He talks about utilizing the internet and putting the comic online for free in order to build an audience and how that started to build momentum. Adams was still working his day job while doing the comics, eventually quitting his day job later on.

Dilbert is active in 65 countries and translated into as many languages. Adams discusses the inspiration behind Dilbert, which was Adams himself besides being “smarter” according to the man himself. Scott Adams has won the Reuben award the top cartoonist award, has written a book which was the New York Times best seller. Check out this exclusive interview!


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