Immortal Technique Talks Biggie vs Tupac – Famed rapper and urban activist Immortal Technique explains where he stood in the 90’s when people were heavily comparing Biggie vs Tupac in the East Coast vs West Coast beef. Immortal Technique also talks about how battle rapping has evolved over the years, how social media has changed things, and why some battle rappers would rather be songwriters.


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    2pac is lyrical it just wasn't his style. He even said in an interview he didn't care he just wanted to reach out to the people and spread his message. 2pac did have good flow because one thing I noticed he can rap pretty much on every beat. He was also very versatile the makaveli album was dark and he also showed his lyricism on that album. Hear songs like got my mind made up, if I die 2nite, deadly combination with Big l, scared, straight, words of wisdom, young black male, something wicked, against all odds, bomb first, troublesome 96, initiated, he has a song with big daddy Kane where he has a smooth flow and killer lyrics. Plus we haven't yet heard all of 2pac`s material he still has over 230 unreleased songs.

  • MillionShadesofDarkness

    Biggie " Me and my bitch" extremely gay song.

    tupac didnt hate the east side, he hated fake ass, closet homo, east side rappers pretending to be hard.

    tupac was uniting all black gangs and channeling that money into rebuilding the hoods of america+ a political party for all poor people and all minorities, regardless of color.

  • Joe anton

    biggies better cus at the end of the day nobody us gonna rap like he did his flow delivery and lyrics but PAC rappers can do him and have even rappers know like j.Cole hits the heart Like pac

  • Mike Gillins

    its crazy even twenty years later the attention pac and big still command…they will always be compared and contrasted similar to ali-frazier, bird-magic steelers-cowboys etc…pac and big still and always will have a special place in everybody heart regardless of who you think was better!!!

  • Blakey39MC

    Tupac forever. Imma try and fix your misconceptions right now. Sayin' he ain't lyrical and he was talentless, or he was stupid or just in it for the money.

    First of all, that "2Pac wasn't lyrical, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Nas, and Big L are lyrical" bullshit. Y'all don't even know the fuckin' definition of that word. Lyrical does NOT mean someone that uses a shit ton of similes, it is someone who expresses their emotions beautifully or imaginitively. So Big L and Rakim are not very lyrical. 2Pac is the most lyrical rapper by the real definition of the word. You just made up some bullshit definition based on wordplay. Bleh wordplay has little effect on the quality of a song. Wait, though… 2Pac was lyrical by that definition too. He used wordplay. He did all that shit that is usually associated with hip hop. He just didn't do it all of the time because he had an actual message, and all of that just clouds the message. Super wordplay niggas often don't get their points across. Don't get me wrong, I love Big L, Rakim, Big Pun, all of them. They are just not what you guys call them because you are uneducated and don't know shit about the english language. That's okay, though. Also, hip hop is music. So things like emotion, how many people your music touches, what your voice can do and how ut sounds, they all matter a lot. 2Pac should never be considered bad or average.

    This can be a short explanation. Look at one of his interviews and tell me he is not intelligent. He is intelligent lol.

    His personality. He was not a hypocrite, really. Before Tupac went to prison he had not made songs plain disrespecting women. The over sexualization occured when he had gotten with Death Row. Suge wanted Tupac to look super thugged out so he had influenced him to be that way. Why do you think Tupac made All Eyez On Me and double disc and Killuminati a week long project? He had a 3 record deal with Death Row and he wanted out of that shit. He knew it wasn't him. That Tupac was a Tupac trying to please the row in order to back the fuck out. He made Hit Em' Up to keep the row happy, by maintaining that image of a give-no-fucks thug. He was killed before the 7 Day Theory was released, so he never left, he never went back to his previous ways, and he never created his new label "Makaveli."

    You love to say fans of 2Pac don't know Pac, but we do. You guys just don't. People don't like him for his persona. How do you think he got big? Luck? Hell no, he grinded shit out and it was good. People loved his shit. Whether you like that or not, we love his music, and I have heard plenty of the genre.

    Lastly, believe it or not, this is almost all opinion. There is no fact in music, the only reason I stated that was to converse in your language for a little while. There is jot greatest rappers of all time. A G.O.A.T of hip hop is just like a G.O.A.T for food or colors. 100% opinion, biased information based on a certain person's perception. There are only favorites, not greatest. If someone said that Lil' Yachty was the G.O.A.T they would not be wrong, just wierd.

  • Rome Willagon

    n they don't know the half like him n biggie chilled t0 get her a lot of you niggas just heard biggie rhyme y'all did nt chill with him yall did nt smoke no blunts that s how shit is dough

  • Rome Willagon

    what the fuck is his talking about as far as I know new york turned they back on tupac they got him rob n shot in the studio then they also set him up for a rape charge them they also so far as I see had snoop dog put him on to suge knight to later set him up n kill them he only said West was the best side cause he had more fun n more love in the West at the time as u see they try to do the same shit to 50 cent that shows u how they give it up right there then u see a new york rapper dying all the time cause new york don't stick together

  • lowkey213

    My honest opinion is that Tupac is literally the undisputed legend of hip hop. That if he lived he would of still been that legend. But BIG got what he got because he was tupac's shadow and plus he died. Otherwise he only made like 2 albums, wasn't over the top amazing. If NAS died instead, NAS would have been that big. Basically BiG is no different then a 50 cent, NAS, jay z, Eminem. But something about pac makes him a legend across the board… I also feel immortal is the closest thing to pac in terms of views, smarts, politics. Some reason I like his interviews more then his music.

  • Brooklyn N.Y.C.

    See you people that say tupac is a all time great is the reason hip-hop is dead cause pac was real good at his own thing and biggie was to it just don't make any fuckin sense to put pac so high above other artist that don't affiliate their selves with what pac did and biggie was one of them cats pac was good biggie was good hip-hop can be great again if niggas can move forward and not backwards such as being they selves doing they own thang and love pac and biggie both at the same time and quit quoting them so fuckin hard.

  • Charles Wilson

    New York turn there back on pac but tupac was tha best u must remember hit em up was tha hardest dis record Brenda got a baby dear mama keep ya head up was very passionate record but r&b I rather b ya nigga thug passion can u get away do for love what's your phone number how do u want it all about you just like daddy to live die in la dude catalog is outrageous too much music

  • dontetank09

    tupac never dissed NY he had beef with certain people from NY but he not once said f NY he said westside is the best side in response to the lack of respect NY gave to westcoast artist at that time mainly the infamous source awards in 94 NY dissed any artist that was not NY related won an award

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