Kodie Shane on Trump’s Chicago Fed Claims Being “Next Level Fu**ery”

Up and coming rapper Kodie Shane sat down with VladTV, where she opened up about growing up in Chicago, being from a successful music family, and her thoughts on Donald Trump.

The 18-year-old rapper revealed that she was on TLC’s “Fanmail” tour when she was little because her older sister Brandi was part of Left Eye’s group, Blaque. She also spoke about her aunt being Cherrelle, who was best known for her hit song, “Saturday Love.”

Moving along, Kodie talked about living in Chicago, which she said isn’t as crazy and bad as people make it out to be. When asked about Donald Trump saying he was going to bring the Feds in if violence persisted, Kodie said that his threats are “next-level f***ery.”

To hear more of what Kodie Shane had to say, hit the above clip.


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