Lord Jamar: Charles Barkley Is the Epitome of a “House N****”

www.vladtv.com – Lord Jamar expressed his views on Charles Barkley in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
Jamar listened to a few quotes made by Barkley in which he expressed his support for police, how he doesn’t believe they murdered Eric Garner and were only trying to subdue him, and that for the right price, Barkley would join the KKK. After listening to these quotes, Jamar came to the conclusion that Barkley is the “epitome of deaf, dumb, and blind,” and also “a house ni**a who loves his master.” Jamar believes Barkley is “out of his mind,” and explained how people reserve the right to resist oppression when being wrongfully harassed by the law.
He concluded by explaining that the police actually do their jobs to “protect and serve”; however, what they’re meant to protect is only businesses, not the people.
What do you think of Charles Barkley’s views?


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  • Eli Has Nothing To Proved

    His referring to the Illuminati aka Freemasons and Zionist Jews who controls sports news election aka Selection they murder celebrities by the numbers like Prince I predicted Cavs over Warriors Cubs WS NFC super bowl 51 Giants Vikings Packers or Falcons vs Patriots or Colts last February

  • Scott A. Snyder

    love all the people hating of Barkley when you all work for whitey anyway no matter what profession you're in lol even the drug game is run by white people so thinking you're a kingpin is fucking hilarious. black gangs are irrelevant because they fight with each other and don't have any real leadership or sense of unity. dudes from the same gangs shoot each other up blocks away from each other. You'd never see that with any other gangs from Koreans to Russians. if you combined you may be an influence but you're just petty school kids with guns at this point. you got fisher price morals.

  • Khalil Smith

    Lord Jamar, I agree with you bruh i will not support Barkley not his clothes/shoes nothing! Barkley is a Republican whis scared to fight against the politics of this world bc he's scared that Trump will take away his wealth and riches… Barkley you're disgusting

  • Nelsido Mejia

    I'm not one to pass judgment on people I personally don't know. That being said, I just heard Barkley on live ESPN Sport Radio a few days ago. He was not only stressing the importance of police presence in the black community (which does hold a degree of truth), but also in the same breath attempted to justify racial profiling and correcting non-servile acts (to the point of death apparently). It was not only disconcerting, but to hear it come from a black man whom many poor black and brown kids looked up to in my youth, was very troubling on so many levels. I just watched "23 Ways" on YouTube, and to no surprise didn't see Mr. Barkley anywhere on it. I can respect every man's opinion, because I know the difference between being objective vs being subjective. But some things you simply can't be passive about. Mr. Barkley does not represent the majority of minority people who have faced bad experiences with authority figures. And believe me when I tell you, racial profiling is not used solely on poor and/or ignorant people. Many celebrities will tell you why Barkley is definitely on the wrong side of reality, as they have also had a bad experience before, during and (for some) after their successful careers.

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