Boyce Watkins: Immaturity Led to 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy – Dr. Boyce Watkins made another video exclusively for VladTV where he discussed 50 Cent and his current financial issues. 50 – who Boyce Watkins feels has “fallen off a bit music-wise but he’s still relevant,” recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being ordered to pay $5 million in a sex tape case. “You’re a grown man,” Dr. Boyce Watkins goes on to say as he addresses Fifty directly. “A grown a** man has no business getting involved in teenager s***.”

The financial scholar also believes 50 Cent’s social media actions are immature, as him and his friends take to Instagram to show off their expensive cars and flash their money. Dr. Boyce feels Black men need to better support their women and children. “You don’t prove to people how much money you got by throwing money away,” Boyce Watkins advises, adding that Black people “need grown men in the community, not little children.”

Press play to hear him define bankruptcy protection, explain why the financial state of hip-hop is “just not that healthy,” and why people of a wealthier status than most cannot do the things they once did in Dr. Boyce Watkins’ latest clip.


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  • blackien5

    50 cent has always been immature. This has always been evident for years. Constantly starting all sorts of problems and beefs with celebrities to sound big and bad. He's a little baby with a big ego. Like many celebrities, he only gets attention when he does wrong and he feeds on this.

  • DJ alt.rock

    I wish people wouldn't say things like "can't get a good education" when they never stepped foot into a public school classroom. If you can't get a good education, chance are it's because you've been fucking off in class since elementary school.

  • John Jenkins

    We could say that people like Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather are wrong for not building schools for black kids, but if they were the type of people who thought like that, would most people (blacks included) even give them so much money?

  • muadhnate

    I think Watkins is simplifying things a bit. It's not immaturity. If you know his history, 50 is the type of guy where if you hurt him or try to hurt him- he feels the need to destroy you 10x worse. It has more to do with the circumstances around his near death experience than anything else. Also his Instagram stunting is about hip-hop marketing not being childish. We can argue about if it's good for the community, but 50 just understands the game and plays it.

  • Qesankh Maa Kheperu

    Dr. Boyce, with love and respect I have to call BS. He is not a financial genius and I think you should stop following the lives of these rappers. You are an adult and these rappers are not the most respectable people. Your hero 50 is NO financial genius. Can he explain how the subprime mortgage practice by the Wall Street wizards led to the recession and the exact calculation used to do so?  Do you set the bar that low for a genius? Tell me what financial equations he has come up with? Tell me when and where he has spoken out against capitalism as not a good system but an exploitative system that uses third world people to manufacture goods. Has he come up with an economic structure that could aid low income blacks living below the poverty line? Has he dealt with the unfair practices of NFTA and how the World Bank and IMF exploit African countries placing them in serious debt? Has he even come up with a funding/distribution structure that would fund independent filmmakers and their projects since he claims to be a producer? So please use the term "financial genius" properly and stop idolizing these ego manics bent on their own selfish goals.

  • john pshitek

    i get why curtis did this now, it was so that he could keep his filthy belongings. next time u buy a fifty-album just know, its so fifty can buy them thangs. pig

  • juliasceaserjr

    nothing but the truth coming from this lads mouth if i was rich and I knew it I would be donating whole pay checks every week you know why stack this money when theres other people in the world who really need it ive lived with hardly no money most me life and survived whats wrong with living broke till next payday and your rich again if your really that financially secure having no money one week is not a problem at all as long as you got a roof over your head and a freezer and a fridge load of food and good friends they way I see it if you got good friends but no money your never broke your richer then the richest person in the world that's why I believe in prioritizing in life what you need and what you don't need what you got a fleet of 20 cars a shoe box full of $500,000 dollar watches wow that's so cool I got a bear grylls knife with a flint so I can make a fire when I really need it that's rich to me

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