Daylyt Pulls Out a Gun While Challenging Dizaster to Fight Him – The plot has truly thickened regarding the heated beef between Math Hoffa and Dizaster, now that Daylyt has officially gotten involved. The fight between Dizaster and Math Hoffa at KOTD’s BOLA 5 event is all that any Battle Rap fan can really talk about at this point, and a large portion of the discussion revolves around sparking an official East vs West Coast beef. Daylyt, who is often seen on the East Coast making various Battle Rap and music-related moves for his career, isn’t too happy with the thought of how far this conflict might escalate, and released a very gritty vlog to restore order. However, some of the things he said and did in the blog, were very shocking and may only add fuel to the wild fire that now exists between Math Hoffa, Dizaster, and their supporters.

Daylyt made it clear early in the video that he is very upset by what happened, and he truly believes that Dizaster has to make things right. Daylyt stated that Diz needs to agree to fight Math in a fair 1-on-1 rumble, without any interferences from outside sources. If Dizaster does not agree to fight Math, then Daylyt forcefully issued his own challenge for Diz to fight him instead. He stated that he would take this “fade” for the East Coast since he considers the East Coast to be his home. Day actually dismissed his love for Cali a bit at one point, and stated that he does most of his business on the East and therefore, he is willing to hold down the East Coast and make things right by fighting Dizaster so that no outside sources will come to harm.

The most shocking part about his fight challenge, was the fact that he actually pulled out a handgun and warned Dizaster that “if you don’t line it up with me, it’s gonna go there my ni**a.” Daylyt held the gun out for quite some time, and even pointed it at his chest a few times. In a post-BOLA interview, Daylyt even flashed the pistol in his pants for the onlooking cameras to truly let the public know that he really was strapped up at the event when all of the violence took place. Dizaster has taken to Twitter to let the world know that he plans on setting up a fight with Math either in a boxing ring or an Octagon for a UFC style match, however, he has yet to respond publicly to Daylyt’s threats and fight challenge.

In the vlog, Daylyt also claimed that he lost a deal with Eminem over the fight, and that Eminem called him personally to let him know that he had to back out of whatever it is that they were allegedly working on. Due to the fact that Daylyt has a history of trolling the general public with less-than-truthful stories (i.e. claiming to have been paid $7,000 at SM3), many fans have also been questioning if he is serious or not about his challenge to Dizaster. The fact that Daylyt was still wearing makeup to cover up his Spawn tattoo from his BOLA 5 battle vs Charlie Clips, made it harder for fans to take him seriously.

Math has since taken to Instagram to show off his unmarked face after being jumped at the event, but he has yet to respond to Dizaster’s Twitter agreement to fight him in a publicly established fight event.

After reviewing all of this, what are your thoughts on Daylyt’s challenge to Dizaster? Given that Diz and Day have known each other for years, do you think he went too far by pulling out the gun? Check out the video above, and let us know your thoughts on the situation.


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