Charlamagne: “There’s Gay, Straight & Drake” – In this VladTV exclusive, Charlamagne spoke in-depth about his thoughts regarding the image of Drake being portrayed as an emotional and sensitive person. Charlamagne feels as though Drake contradicts himself when he speaks about how he’s tired of people calling him emotional, but then speaks about his alleged sensitive image in an emotional way. He believes that Drake shouldn’t show emotions and let people get under his skin so easily.

Charlamagne related Drake being sensitive to his lyrical beef with Kendrick Lamar. He feels as though they are both close contestants battling for the crown right now, and feels as though given the content Drake puts forth for his fans, he could potentially get “Ja Rule’d” if he gets too comfortable and isn’t careful. The entire clip if filled with classic Charlamagne commentary on various Drake related subjects, and concludes with him addressing Drake and Chris Brown’s renewed friendship.

How do you feel about Charlamagne’s perception of Drake being a sensitive person?


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