Lord Jamar To Young Thug: Was You In The Bando Wearing a Dress?

www.vladtv.com – In a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Vlad admits to thoroughly enjoying Young Thug’s “Barter 6” more than any Lil Wayne album he’s ever heard from beginning to finish. In this clip he explains himself to Lord Jamar, who thinks that although you can hardly understand artists who rap like Young Thug, it’s okay “to a degree.”

While Lord Jamar feels Young Thug trying to call his debut album “Carter 6” was “a good publicity move,” he still believes the whole idea is a little off for someone who “idolizes” Lil Wayne. “It’s a little weird [for him] to try to come in and be like ‘Yo, I’m gonna take this man’s persona to the point where I’m gonna name my album after one of the series of albums that he’s been putting out.'” Still, he says he’ll give “Barter 6” a listen although he doesn’t understand Thugger’s choices outside of music.

“What I can’t respect is all the pseudo-funny s***,” Lord Jamar states, referring to Young Thug calling his male friends “bae.” “I can’t fully cosign you if that’s the type of s*** that’s coming out your mouth- or going in your mouth…I just don’t know where they do that at.”

He ends the clip with a question for the newly-engaged rapper: “Before you was known as Young Thug and all that was you up in the bando wearing a motherf****** dress? Have you always been doing that or did you just start doing it now?” Catch the rest of the Young Thug discussion in this exclusive clip.


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