A-Trak Shares His Thoughts on Celebrity DJ’s

www.vladtv.com – Noted DJ and producer A-Trak spoke exclusively with VladTV on celebrity DJ’s and how dance music has helped inspire the next wave of DJ’s. A-Trak, who won over Kanye West with his impeccable scratching skills has a long history with the art since he was 15 years old. After winning major DJ competitions like the DMC and Vestax, the A-Trak went on to tour with Kanye West and continue his art through various groups like Duck Sauce and his latest project with Cam’ron.
With the producer coming a long way in the game, he doesn’t have much to say about celebrity DJ’s like Paris Hilton, Solange Knowles and socialites who are paid generously to spin.
“If there’s people that want to see or hear that, that’s her [Paris] hustle,” he said. “I think it’s important for the universe to balance out. As long as there’s guys on the other end that are keeping real DJ’ing alive, and fans can really choose what they want to see and hear [and] there’s an education process where people can tell the difference between the two then that’s all that matters to me.”
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