Lil Herb Details What Happened During Mid-Show Brawl in Indiana – Lil Herb broke down exactly what happened during a fight he was involved in during a May show in Gary, Indiana.

We originally reported on the brawl with exclusive details from a fan in attendance, and during a recent sit down with VladTV, Lil Herb elaborated on what went down.

Recalling that there were Gangster Disciples in the crowd throwing up “forks,” which Herb explained is the term for the GD gang sign, he said that he and his entourage were ignoring the provocations and just trying to turn up.

“[There] was GD’s with me on stage, I don’t give a f*ck. So, we chillin’, turnin’ up…doin’ the sh*t – during the show they turned up with me – ni**as who was throwin’ up GD’s, they dancing, you feel me?”

Herb went on to explain that one of his homies on stage was pouring out liquor from a water bottle onto members of the crowd, and the fight really kicked off after a fan grabbed the guy’s leg, resulting in a kick to the mouth.

Check out the clip to hear more from Herb on what went down.


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