Treach: If 2Pac’s Alive, I’m Not Telling – Naughty by Nature frontman Treach sat down with VladTV and spoke on his relationship with Tupac, saying they were close friends before his passing and acknowledged how Tupac looked out for him while he was in Los Angeles, recalling they had a sit down in Compton and cleared up the issues he had with certain individuals on the west coast.

Tupac at one point compared this situation to his own instance of being shot in NY, saying he hoped Biggie would look out for him the way he looked out for Treach. In the end, Treach reveals that while Tupac may have had the street connections and pull to help him, Biggie didn’t necessarily have the street connects in NYC to look out for ‘Pac the way Shakur thought he could.

Check out the footage above.


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