Tatyana Ali: I Was Singled Out For My “Good Hair” as a Kid

www.vladtv.com – Tatyana Ali opens up to VladTV about how she feels about people’s obsession with her hair, while chalking her nice tresses up to good health and her genes. The “Kiss The Sky” singer says that she wasn’t always so fond of her hair growing up, because she was singled out for it as a kid, which made her feel a certain type of way.

She then talks about Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary and how she wished he would have reached out to her, because she wanted to tell a different side to his story. Tatyana says that children are affected by the term “good hair” in both negative and positive ways.

Check out more of her side of the story above.


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  • FluteCheerios

    In my opinion I thought the question was odd, maybe I'm wrong but she seemed a bit uncomfortable, like trying to find a way to respond to it after he first asked.

  • CurlyGirl890

    I can relate to this crap as well. I dealt with the good hair thing all my life and I still do. I feel like its almost getting worse. My hair now is the longest it's EVER been (thanks to YouTube tutorials lol). I don't really consider myself to be mixed because both of my parents are black, however I know it's some white and native american in my blood somewhere, but I can't identify with that because all my living family members are black. All the women in my family on both sides have alot of hair. The problem I struggle with is that I don't look black to certain people. I could easily pass for Dominican or Trinidadian, as I have been asked before. I do have long curly hair and I hated it when I was younger. People treated me different because of my hair and I still get treated that way now. Oh is that all your real hair? They ask oh what are you mixed with and people expect me to have an answer and I don't. My parents are black like wtf do you want from me?

    Having the features I have are hard. I hate how people assume oh you got good hair so life must be easy for you. Well it isn't. I don't really enjoy wearing my hair curly. I wear it flat ironed 90% of the time. I feel like I'm constantly being judged by the black community. Whenever I'm in public, people just stare at me and my hair every damn day, as if that's all I am. It's hard meeting new people because they judge me off my appearance first. People have indirectly and directly told me I'm not black enough and treated me as such. I'm learning to embrace my hair but I hate how I'm always being judged for my looks. People are more concerned about my look than I am. No I don't think I'm better than anyone, even though that's what people assume. I can't help what i was born with and I DONT care about having long curly hair, but the black community surely makes it be an issue. Who cares? It's just hair follicles!! Smh how sad the discrimination you face within your own community.

  • Busy Bee

    Black women look better when they wear there natural kinky hair are they ashame of it. Because that's who they are, why are they hiding themselves?😞

  • clairbear011

    thought I understand her point, I don't agree with her. the pain that so many girls go through by perming, weaves, and tight braids and she's compering that to the little got tease and a little bully. shit she can have my hair anytime

  • Monique Smith

    I mean but also hair "more Indian" is bad implication too bc I know black girls with her hair and 100% black look just like her. it's not the matter of being mix bc black hair is not just the afro puff. black girls and boys can have that Ramen noodle texture to Goldie locks texture curls as well. so yeaaa

  • Sony

    It's so sad how some of ya'll are so bitter that ya'll think that just becasue teyana has straight hair means she didn't go through anti Blackness. the worst feeling is to feel excluded from you're own people. My hair wasn't straight like hers but it's longer than I guess people expect and lemme tell you Black people can act just ilke ignorant White women when it comes to long hair. I wore my hair down a few times and had all these people in my hd trying to touch and be all like "Is this you're real hair?" You might think it's a compliment but it's not. And what Teyana is talking about is how people divide their family members by features. By favoring one child you cause animosity with her cousins/siblings. And so she was parsed for her straight hair on side of the family and then called too Black on the other side or probably both.

  • ty cromwell

    "Good hair"…..we as a people are so
    Mentally colonized. The closer our characteristics are to Europeans the more we considered them to be good…
    I have spent time in "brazil" and dom rep and the same perceptions exist there as well….we have been taught to hate all things black….

  • Mr. Sonny Truth

    It's called "Willy Lynch" syndrome… Pitting black people's differences against one another to drive us apart.
    the young men against the older men, lighter skinned over the dark skinned, straight haired one's against kinky hair
    and so on. and it remains instilled in the black community today {EVIL FUCKING GENIUS}
    So my beautiful black people teach our children and break this thinking that keeps us divided.

  • Marcetta Davis

    i get told that all the time i dont feel like a victim nor do i feel like it makes me better than or different my daughter get it all the time too but i just think the people who are saying the term good hair sound crazy cause all healthy hair is good hair no matter the texture its the way yoj take care of your hair.

  • Ronald Williams

    dumbest shit ever good hair to me is coarse hair,nappy hair,females claim they can't do anything with it or can't grow it but why can men with the same hair classified as "nigga" hair do so? Because societal standards of beauty govern most women and inadvertently destroys the health of ethics hair because the methods of maintenance isn't designed for ethnic hair.I wish I had coarser hair. styles would last longer and I get tired of people saying I'm not black because of my "good" hair. so I kind of know where she's coming from with that. a lot of negativity does come with this ridiculous notion.

  • James

    It's funny because when you're young you think of good hair one way but the older you get you see it another way. When I was young my hair was thick, very thick but had the Native American texture to it so they said it was good hair. Now that I'm getting older. Good Hair is hair you still got on your damn head!!…. Look…. If you're still able to grow the shit when you start to get up their in age then you got good hair stop the bullshit!

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