Crooked I: Eminem Didn’t Belong on J. Cole’s “Fire Squad – Long Beach’s own Crooked I sat down with VladTV and shared his thoughts on J. Cole’s recent track “Fire Squad,” where he names certain white artists making a living off of African-American culture, and perhaps are more successful than their counterparts simply because they’re white. Cole named Macklemore, Iggy Azalea and Eminem as examples, and while the first two were expected names to drop, Crook feels Eminem has proven himself to be a “purist” MC who didn’t belong on the list. That being said, he respects J. Cole’s right to speak his mind and isn’t mad at the lyric about his Shady Records boss at all.

Check out the clip above.


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  • Jay SF

    I think Cole's verse is quiet relevant. It's a continuation of What Eminem said on 'without me' – "No, I'm not the first king of controversy
    I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley
    To do black music so selfishly
    And use it to get myself wealthy." J Cole was just honest. He went on later in the song to say something about Iggy winning a Grammy and him laughing. That's not far-fetched reality.

  • PunchianThe3rd

    Yea Em got the title. I think Nas and tbh Young Chris can go toe to toe with him in a Rap Battle. DMX in his prime too. Not saying Em would lose but it wouldn't be an easy W

  • Kevinn Smith

    No disrespect to J Cole. He's cool and all. But as Crooked said. You don't want it with Em. And yeah, it would be interesting to see how J would shoot at Shady. But Marshall would drop Cole off the face of this earth just like he did Ja and Benzino. Slim murdered Nick and Mariah. He shot down Asher Roth just because he thought Roth had a problem with him. Point is, don't fuck with the King. You can try to take the throne from him. But you won't be successful.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 49.1 million albums in the United States, and 100 million albums worldwide since 1999.

    JCole has sold 2,523,000 albums in the US since 2014.

    Maybe it's because young JCole is jealous that him being white himself hasn't gotten the same results? Come now JCole, take it easy my young whitegro.

  • Tem Sam

    Eminem lived in Detroit in a hip hop culture. According to some people he should reject that and sing white to conform to your idea of race roles. They said the same shit about Elvis because he sung in a black "soul" way, but that's the only style he ever knew. He used to go sing for a primarily black gospel church down in MEMPHIS so ofc that's the way he'd sing. People putting their own race boundaries out now and it's absurd, even encouraging real artists to reject their real soul and saying "stay in ur lane, you can only sing "white"". Ridiculous.

  • Mike Wren

    first off I'd like to say that I can't steal what was freely given!!! If anything we all admired each others music and that's a great show of flattery! But when one culture that has come from instruments and not just a drum is being called a thief for enjoying what he enjoys,,, that's where I draw the line! all music is stolen in one form of another, it's flattery PERIOD!!! Get it STRAIT before calling others theifs.

  • MultiKonrad100

    J cole in a interview after being confronted with the controversy
    "It`s silly how big of an eminem fan i am" "..There`s a very select group of people that i worship, and eminem is literally at the top of that list" "..if you think i am dissing eminem, i KNOW you just read the headline, are you not listening to the song?

  • Joseph Dickinson

    I don't care about if Mexicans did copy or steal our shit because y'all would be like we got this from the black people but white people straight take all credit for everything including inventions that they never made

  • Joseph Dickinson

    black people created all music that was stolen from the white people we wrote all the big hits for the Beatles Elvis presley and many many more plus white people stole America and all cultures from Mexicans blacks and Indians so stop it seriously

  • Sammy Sam

    Straight up, lets hear/see them…
    who do you think are the sickest rappers (freestyle, flow, spit, etc) whatever you call it. Give me your top ten.
    mine (not necessarily in exact order, but just a list
    1 Rakem
    3Jay Z
    9big pun
    those are my favorite lyricists who are yours?

  • Da Ladies Man

    Crooked is the only artist in today's hip hop that has my total respect. I wish he was much bigger than what he is now, his underground shit reminds me of rakim in his prime. Horseshoe gang I pray blows up big soon because lyrically and flow they can't be touched right now.

  • John Getek

    I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley to do black music so selfishly and use it to myself wealthy. j cole my dawg but he just regurgitated ems lyrics


    Eminem without question is definitely a great rapper who is very dedicated to his craft. Now with that being said if it's one thing I truly hate is when ppl are asked about Eminem how they dick ride to the end especially us black ppl!!! Not trying to make this into a racial issue or anything like that so please don't twist my words. When it comes to the industry of hip hop black ppl are so quick to diss each other without paying homage or respect. But when it comes to Eminem everybody's on mute saying how he would slay this or I'm scared to face Eminem etc!!!! ARE U SERIOUS!? Eminem is human just like the rest of us who loves rap. You can be just as good as Em or even better!!! It all depends on u and how focused and dedicated u are it's not impossible ppl!!! To clearly say that u are scared to battle another man means ur not truly a hip hop artist!!! That's like Floyd saying he scared of Tyson. Even though in my heart I believe Tyson was more brutal no way in hell Floyd will ever admit some shit like that even if he do know Tyson is the better fighter. Long story short don't ever say u fear another man cuz of his talent especially if y'all into the same activity. Deep down in ur heart u suppose to feel like ur the best and never admit defeat before it even start cuz that would make u a coward with low self esteem putting another HUMAN above u!!!!!

  • Bobba Fett

    Top 16 personal favorite rappers. My sweet sixteen in no particular order.
    Mac Lethal
    Denizen Kane
    El P
    Cecil Otter
    Mike Mitclan

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