Immortal Technique Discusses the Impact 2Pac Would’ve Had Today – Social activist and emcee Immortal Technique sat down with VladTV to discuss political regime and our interview with Tupac’s stepbrother, Mopreme Shakur. Though Immortal Technique didn’t know the two personally, he say people would always say ‘Pac “was a very mixed bag.” “Sometimes you spoke to the revolutionary, sometimes you spoke to the thug,” he recounts.

In a past clip, Mopreme spoke on the time Tupac Shakur shot two cops while in Atlanta back in 1993. Immortal Technique doesn’t feel the media uses the best word choice in said situation. “He didn’t shoot two police officers,” he claims at he stares into the camera. “He shot two criminals, pretending to be cops.” When asked how he feels life would be like if Tupac was still alive, Immortal Technique responds, “It’s dangerous to philosophize about what he would’ve said, but as to whether he would have had an impact politically, I think there’s without a doubt, because he had an impact politically when he was a live.”

Watch on as he speaks about America’s embargo on Cuba and more above.


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