Trina Details Wanting to Kill Ex-Boyfriend She Caught Cheating – Trina is one of the sexiest women in Hip-Hop, so it’s hard to imagine her getting cheated on, but the Miami-born emcee shared a story with VladTV about her man going out on her.

The “Look Back at Me” rapper says that she only snooped around once in her relationship after becoming suspicious of her man’s pager constantly going off while she was staying at his house alone for two days. Trina says she went to turn off the device and saw a string of unsettling conversations between her man and another woman. The Florida-born artist said that she played it cool for a few months until she had had enough of the situation and then exposed her ex, blowing his spot up.

During the sit-down Trina also shared her thoughts on Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s tricky love life, and also shared if she would ever date a regular guy. Hit the above clip to hear the full interview.


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