Sir Mix-A-Lot: Rick Rubin Helped Take My Career to Next Level – Successful entertainer Sir Mix-a-Lot recently chatted with VladTV about his past successes and his future endeavors. While on the subject of past collaborations, the “Mack Daddy” made sure to mention how his life changed when he met one of Hip-Hop’s biggest contributors, Rick Rubin.

“I made a lot of money independently, but going from there to Rick, and no offense to anything before that, but WOW,” remembers Mix-A-Lot. From Public Enemy to Jay Z, super-producer Rick Rubin has made music for the masses, and just about everything he touches in the Hip-Hop world turns to music gold. What makes him stand out, however, is that he’s one of the guys in the industry who genuinely cares about what’s put out.
“He counts his beans, but he’s a music lover first,” says Mix-a-Lot matter-of-factly.

See how he first heard about Rick and how the man taught Sir Mix-a-Lot lessons back in the day that he still applies to his everyday life above.


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