Flashback: Killer Mike: You Can Transition Out of the Streets for $5,000

Earlier this year, Killer Mike sat down with VladTV, and he shared his personal experience of transitioning out of the “bulls***” street life by investing in legit businesses. Instead of stopping with his story, Killer Mike gave listeners a bit of real world advice on how they could invest their money into businesses instead of “cloudy jewelry” or bottle service at the club.

He explained that for as little as $5,000 you can invest into a snow cone business and build your wealth from there, as he made it clear that the street life sounds cool in songs, but it’s not great in real life.

Jump to the 7:35 mark to hear Killer Mike’s advice on investing your money wisely.


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  • Chadventures

    He had to do what he had to do to survive until he had other choices and opportunities. I'm glad he was bout keepin the kids and young mothers safe. Inner cities need more of killer mike despite the name

  • Phly

    What fat sloppy greasy basement dwelling fat sloppy greasy pee stain shirt wearing masturbating to anime faggot fat sloppy disgusting weird greasy fried chicken finger call of duty world at war pokeman playing fuck boys disliked this video?!?!?!

  • Amir G

    but to get that 5K about 85% of them are gonna sell drugs to get that money.. than once they get it they gonna think shit sweet and continue

  • Cali Cvsh

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