Eminem Type Beat / Truth Hurts (Prod. By Syndrome)

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About The Author


  • KafKa

    Living for way too long in a fictional life
    Escaping problems through a lying mirror representing my lies
    One day, I tried, got out of my comfortable chair
    Outside, it was cold and terrifying, I was scared
    Drowning under the wave composed of all my dear fears
    I can't breath anymore, feeling strangled by a faceless stranger
    Not alone, I can understand his goulish words in my ears
    i stay strong, but I can't stand any longer
    Step by step, without noticing, I'm going back inside
    In the house of trust, where every body die
    One foot on the mat, my will disappear like an iceberg in summer
    I already know I will never see it again,  gettin' defeated by the monster
    Son of weakness, I accept my fate and shut up
    It was my last word, until forever I stay stuck
    Cause yes, fighting ain't easy, and very rare is luck
    Now, you in your bed, you know that, truth does hurt

  • ya man

    In the morning we leave our houses
    Not knowing if at night wel be able to walk up the steps
    We can get into a car crash
    That can lead to our death
    Or our arttieries ripped off or cracked
    Someones try to murder me
    Physically I don't think its possible
    Id like to think of myself as an immortal
    Thats why I'm called an asshole
    But why care I'm way up the totem pole
    Ten fold
    I walk you crawl you need knifes I use claws
    So why was I tossed
    Why was I crashed into
    I flew through my windshield
    Smashed into a new car window
    Its pitiful how all the things that I called impossible
    Made me look so gullible

    Im In the hospital now
    Doctors say my situation isn't good
    I'm not properly aging
    It may be to late but this can't be my fate

    My life decisions to this very moment
    I don't wanna own it but I hold it ya I quit
    Heres a tip
    Dont try to hotwire someone elses car and rip

  • yg 400

    Now I got two addictions and both of em are green, ones that money the other one I mix it with lean , stop looking around like you don't know who's taking the lead , boy is my turn to shine , so you can stand in the back of the line .
    Since I was five I don't trust nobody ,
    Maybe Cuz I didn't have a mommy or a daddy ,
    I've been knowing this world full of fakes especially around me ,
    My point in life is just try a get to to the money , and I'm telling my homies I'm serious but they acting funny,
    Seems like they happy with minimum wage ,
    But not me isn't that weird for a nigga my age ,
    Momma said I've been a mad kid since I was born well ill make sure they feel my rage ,
    Cuz they don't know bout my pain ,
    but boi I'm fccking insane ,
    So bring an umbrella Cuz I will make it rain ,
    And don't bring no vest Cuz I'll make sure I'll blow out your brains .
    I promise you you ain't never met a boi with as much trust issues ,
    You ain't Neva met a boi who's been though what I've been through
    You ain't Neva met someone who's seen what I've seen ,
    You ain't ain't Neva gonna see nobody take all that lean but me ,
    Since I was fourteen I've stole deodorants shampoo and body wash ,
    Clothes,  food , and a toothbrush,
    People like lemme buy you some food ,
    Na Cuz I wouldn't feel good ,
    but you look pale you don't look so good ,
    I said na I'm going home Cuz you put me in a bad mood ,
    Talking to me with sympathy,  boi I know your fake so stop actin like a friend Cuz you my enemy , and I'll never let any of you feed me ,
    I would rather starve but I guess that's just my pride . I got caught stealing at a grocery store I saw the cops so I was tryna hide,
    But thank God I got banned for life it could've gone worst , but now I'm fccking hungry and my stomach hurts ,
    Fck it is guess I won't eat for the night , man this is the third time in a row this ain't right ,
    It so hard to get out the dark when around you there's no light , and even tho there's no reason to go on I'm a fccking warrior so ima put up a fight ,

  • Tassy Reaper

    I'm gonna be honest this world has many secrets, from ordinary people to the government and my demons that I can't leak its
    Just I got a problem man
    And I don't need any medicine, just tryna make it by just tryna keep my mind off of sin
    But I'm a natural sinner, thats what the churches say
    Because of Adam and eve I must repent and pray
    And I'm not against that, its good to keep a bond
    With the higher power so he won't devour and swallow me whole like my mom
    Sometimes I don't even know how I should react to the news, waking up everyday with out her
    I feel like I lose
    Now it makes sense, "I'm sorry for your loss"
    You're talking about my mind and me, not the situation at all
    I'm in awe
    Shock, at first I couldn't understand
    Whether I was being punished by the big man
    And everyone tells me it'll get better, but it gets worse
    Than I'm gradually going berserk
    No wonder why they say the truth hurts

  • Mark Baumgartner

    I given all my time for what it is worth
    the consumers rumors are that im a loser
    the viewers view me from their computer
    and give me dislikes like little bitch your white
    drop the mic and fucken go ride a bike
    take a flight and go catch a pike
    you and this rap game dont fit right
    your name will never ignite you will never get hype
    and its all cause can't see a flash of light
    amidst a million sticks of dynamite
    there so many rappers and talent out there
    that I dont matter im just a white cracker
    thats broken and battered
    cause while records are getting shattered
    im still climbing up the bottom of the ladder
    but my mom warned me that many people are just actors
    and that instead I need to be scrapper
    constantly opening up new chapters
    and not listen to the doubters and their laughter
    because it will be worth it if you push on
    cause youll be at the top after
    but right now its hard to believe it….. right the rest later

  • David Lockett Jr.

    Yo, loving the diversity in your work!! I'm a saxophonist looking to put together sort of a cross between smooth jazz and hip hop but not necessarily acid jazz. I'd love to use some of your beats!

  • White Haze-Official

    If you've eva felt pain you'll understand this song
    I often cut my freakin arm everytime somethings wrong
    I'm really sorry mom, I'm not the kid that I used to be
    I've grown a lot angrier cause people keep on usin me
    Everytime someone mocks me I flip em off


    Yeah welcome to my neighborhood
    Where none of us are made'a good
    And most of us just sit all day n' put
    That work in bag yeah weight it up
    For life we'll never hang it up one time unless the crime
    Out weights the punishment, some of us got tons of it, been wonderin
    If I should leave myself when seein health decline
    Ever-yday of every month the sin keeps comin in
    Cause see I want some kids but unable, with no food on the table
    Nothin to view there's no cable, won't pay fo' that shit
    When so fuckin behind on plastic
    That wallet appallin how much that I find that I can strach it

  • Destare

    man truth hurts things can get better before they get worse i got this world on my hands and it feels like such a curse if i could back i would.. shit i might as well live my life in reverse, im just spilling words out of my mind trying to find my inside still on the search but i don't think i could do it all in one verse i don't even think god would be able to help even if i went to ask for answers in church

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