Dr. Umar Johnson: Obama Helped Every Group Except for the Black Community

Dr. Umar Johnson shared with VladTV why he doesn’t believe that President Obama is a good role model for young black boys. Johnson explained that he believes that Obama has done nothing for the black community since being elected in office, and he added that “African people have received no direct attention from Obama.”

During the conversation, Dr. Johnson said that he feels like Martin Luther King Jr. would probably criticize Obama if he were alive today, and he used King’s quote about the system using black faces to hide racist agenda of the system to prove his point. He also added that he always knew that Obama would never do anything for the black community when he was elected in office because black politicians are funded by the Democratic party which is funded by white corporations.

To hear more of what Dr. Umar Johnson had to say, including his thoughts on Pras donating $1.2 million to a Super PAC to back Obama, hit the above clip.


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    Presidents shouldn't be elected based off promises but actions we need intern presidents or something to see if this how u always been and not selling me a dream

  • RestoredForHim

    I know a church that has established a bank and employees blacks. I find it funny this guy knows SO MUCH yet bunches every church together when he's probably been to five. Hypocritical, yes. OF course, but racism dumbs you down.

  • Mario Curry

    "The purpose of the church is to make oppression Divine" Not all ministries and not all preachers..this is a grave misconception. The preachers on TV dont speak for the ones that are ministering liberty and freedom. Not saying all TV popular preachers are bad…just sayin…

  • Sheene Nuri

    He commuted 102 sentences. His total commutes are over 700. The War on Drugs has decimated the black community with "Mass incarceration". To put it in perspective, he commuted more than the past 11 presidents combined. This Niqqa is just a clown. He knows nothing.

  • Ali Kas

    This Dr.Umar guy is a breathe of fresh air from all the bums and sheeps vlad brings around this channel. I can listen to him and feel like I am getting educated, like I'm in a college class of some sort.


    Being president or not if you're a black man in America you are limited to only do so many things especially in smaller cities never mind being head of the WHITE house. It was you that told us all presidents are controlled puppets and they're just a face for the country. So why are you really throwing Obama under the bus PUBLICLY big bro? Obama's terms has showed us that playing the cool, educated, and laid back way of doing things to make living better for the entire country as well for us blacks doesn't work and of course it wouldn't we're out numbered here in America because there are more racist people than there are non-racist but non-racist have no say so. So that should explain everything.

  • BeachChairz

    Umar spot on once again.
    When Obama eventually leave that's when he'll really start speaking out. Let's not forget he was openly against gay marriage years before he got elected, now look at him parading that shit.

  • Malcolm White

    Preach!!!! If black people don't get they shit together we can look forward to higher unemployment, increased violence in our neighborhoods (due to employment), higher dropout rate, increased incarceration, etc.. If we don't build our own institutions don't cry when the white power structure don't let you into theirs. Really black people going to vote for a president to change their conditions when voting in more local and mid-term elections will benefit more.

  • anas 233

    4:35 what about malcolm x? I think people don't appreciate malcolm the way he should be appreciated, he was the most honest most devoted black leader and people don't give him enough props.

  • Cesar Alcantar

    Bro, keep it fucking real here. I agree with you mostly, but the only people he really helped were the wall street giants and bankers that bought him off. He created the Affordable Care Act to help insurance companies and big pharma more than anything. He won the Nobel fucking Peace Prize while engaging in more war and sending more of our youth to die for oil and other resources. Fuck outta here if you think we're fighting terrorist (e.g. ISIS, a terrorist group that we funded, trained and created). He bailed out big banks, etc.

    Putting a Latino Supreme Court Justice to work doesn't mean shit if Barry's administration deported undocumented people (who also helped build this country like other minorities) in record numbers. What about Operation Fast & Furious, through which massive amounts of weapons were smuggled to Mexico by the CIA and his administration knew about it but didn't do a damn thing? Again, keep it real. He didn't do shit for anybody. He just kept fucking people over and made sure he was in a good place with the elite. Good for the gay community, though. Honestly, that needed to happen as well. But why so selective with who he's helping and why just that one group?

    Look at the recent situation with the Dakota Access Pipeline. Barry's lying bitch ass talked the talk about protecting Native land, but what the fuck did he do to stop the pipeline? People always use Congress as a cop out, but those fucks are bought and paid for, too. It's all a scam and we sit here and eat this democracy bull shit up.


    Umar speaking mad truth about Obamas Useless ass. this country is worse off. & obama signed executive orders & Sould us out 2 be poisoned & striped of our American Rights. FUCK OBAMA HE IS A GAY HOMOSEXUAL & HIS TRANNY WIFE WAS BORN MALE. HE DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT BLACK FOLK

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