Sylvan Lacue & Daye Jack Freestyle – Live Leaks

In All Def Digital’s brand new music series, we stick 6 rappers in front of a live band to perform some unreleased verses and freestyles. Check out Daye Jack and Sylvan Lacue never-before-seen collab in this episode of the new live performance series, Live Leaks. #liveleaks #alldefmusic


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Directed by: Sydney Kim
Producers: Mahim ‘MK’ Kahn, Sydney Kim, Amir Abbassy, Chris Adams
Production Coordinator: Julia Chong
Director of Photography: Sam Kim
Camera Operators: Herbie Wei, Kristen Dillelo, Nathan Kelley Production Assistant: Nyasha Bryant, Cary Lowy, Amy Maldonado, Casandra Epps, Denzel Lee
Sound Mixer: Cameron Sealan
Edited by: Amy Glickman Brown
Post Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam


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