Marc Lamont Hill and Vlad Debate Nas Being the Worst Beat Picker of All Time

Marc Lamont Hill stopped by VladTV to talk about growing up in Philadelphia, his brother going in and out of jail, what it was like to achieve a Ph.D, and his top five rappers. Marc talked about him and his brother’s relationship and how he doesn’t attribute his success and his brother’s jail-ridden past to choices, “I think that’s too simple, one it romanticizes my narrative, I made bad choices too, I made bad choices with him, we just didn’t get caught. Lamont explained him and his brother were on the same level academically; his brother just had different types of needs. “In some ways, I got lucky, in some ways I had someone save me at the right time.” Lamont goes on to talk about the fact that choices do matter, however making sure nobodies mistakes are over punished, while others are under punished. “Rich white people make the same mistakes as poor black people the difference is our mistakes are so hyper-scrutinized that we have no room for error.”

Lamont also talked with us about his Ph.D. “Let me be clear I don’t think Ph.D.’s are celebrated anywhere…I think in general as a nation we love popular culture figures… I think in general we live in a country that can be anti-intellectual….people like me cause I’m on TV if I wasn’t on TV and i was saying the same sh*t no one would be like yooo that’s that guy…” Hill explained him being on TV gives him a platform to speak on important issues and people should realize it’s easier to get a Ph.D. than it is to get into the NBA. “We have to create opportunities for our young people to see a wider range of possibility… it’s easier to play in the NBA, it’s easier to get a Ph.D. than to play in the NFL.” Hill also has some thoughts on the hip-hop community in general. “What I want for hip-hop is for us to be better than the world, to be better than what white folk is doing… I want us to be a threat.”

Lamont also teaches a class on Jay-Z and Nas, which led to a conversation about who the best rapper is. Lamont gladly handed over his top five to Vlad picking, Jay-Z, Nas, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, and Black Thought.

Check out the clip above.


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