Karrine Steffans & Too Short: I Use to See The World as a P**** Market

Too Short and Karrine Steffans had an interesting conversation during her Gorgeous Girl’s Guide to… podcast. Known for keeping it real and open about her sexuality, Steffans digs deep to get some answers from Too Short about his personal life and why he feels weird getting younger women these days versus how it was during his heyday. “Before, I was where I wanted to be—all up in it. The routine, I was doing it unconsciously.” He admitted, “I run from myself, I even got analyzed by some dream analyst s*** and they just told me ‘You’re just running from yourself.'”

Slowing down from his player ways, he recalls seeing the world as a “p**** market” for any desire. “A vagina was the main appetite for the night. I use to think of the world as a p**** supermarket.” As the conversation progressed, Steffans opened up about her experiences with an ex-husband who’s penis was the size of her thumb.

Check out the interview above.


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