YFN Lucci on His Mother’s House Being Shot up Twice, Mother Shot in Leg

YFN Lucci stopped by VladTV to talk about his upbringing, how he got into the rap game, and his house in Atlanta being shot up not once but twice. Lucci got into his upbringing straight away explaining he grew up in Summerhill, Georgia. He said he didn’t have much and started hustling at a young age by parking cars and doing anything to make money because he was tired of seeing his mother struggling. He began his rap career at 13 by first listening to his older brother YFN K rap, “he use to come home with his own songs and I’d be like dang he’s hard…it just inspired me to make music…” Lucci also explained Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Tupac, Jeezy, and Gucci Mane inspired him to start rapping as well.

YFN Lucci let us know he worked at Mcdonalds before he began rapping but only lasted 2 or 3 months before he went back to hustling. Then he formed the YFN team which stands for “Young Fly Nation.” Within his circle he let us know there is no competition they only work to make each other better. Lucci also explained a lot of aspiring rappers come up to him these days. “They been watching they seen me come from nothing so they just wanna see what it took… I just stayed focused, kept striving… I tell you gotta do it you can’t no one stop you.”

Dealing with his new found fame, Lucci said things have changed for the better and the worse, “I’m living better than I was, I ain’t gotta worry about putting food on my kid’s plate, paying the light bill, making sure my mama straight…” However Lucci has dealt with the dark side of fame, his mother’s home got shot up in Atlanta not once but twice, “I was about to go on stage, and they called me and said the house got shot up… everything was good, no one got shot…the second time she got shot in the leg.” Lucci has since moved his family out of the house and is continuing his career.

Check out the clip above.


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