TK Kirkland: You Got to Respect Kim Kardashian for Her Hoeness

Comedian TK Kirkland has no apologies when it comes to speaking his mind, and even in this interview with DJ Vlad, he discusses his respect for Kim Kardashian’s hoeness, reveals Chris Brown’s alleged drug abuse, and even talks about his late brother’s homosexuality being a choice versus being born gay.

Before her marriage to Kanye West, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star was involved in some high-profile relationships and was already annulling her second marriage with Kris Humphries. Despite the reality star moving on from her scandalous past, comics won’t let that part of her life go. “In a way, you got to respect Kim Kardashian for her hoeness. What women have a tendency of not doing is how to hoe properly.” TK told DJ Vlad. “See, if you go around here and f*** anybody, you end up losing.”

In addition to the comedian’s tips for women, he expressed his concerns for singer Chris Brown and his alleged drug abuse. The funnyman says that he only wishes the best for the crooner and doesn’t want to see his downfall like so many other talented artists before him. “The inside scoop says the motherf***** is on drugs real bad, he fired his manager, and they’re trying to claim that he stole some money from him.” Aware that his comments could receive significant backlash from Brown, he made sure to provide his IG name so they could talk about it in hopes to help him.

Check out the full interview to see why he wants homosexuality to go back in the closet and why he believes his brother became gay.


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