Joey Badass / Jaden Smith / Nujabes / Mick Jenkins type beat Instrumental by BLUFFGAWD

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—i dont reply to ppl asking for free shit. we can always work something out, just hit me up.


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  • Kidmademaday

    Hey man, i fell in love with this and i got a little sth i wrote to this. I would love to get my hands on a full version. Is this available for a lease? Would buy it, but i dont wanna be a selfish bastard since everyone should have the opportunity to fck with this… this is fuckin art right there

  • David Palos

    dont know it is but theres something bout you
    i can feel the vibe every time you in the room look into yo eyes see a new life that blooms
    got me feeling right girl its time to move

  • David Palos

    i mean i want you bad, im looking at you laugh, while im day dreaming about the moment when we crossed paths, we dig the same music, but im plain stupid, when you next to me its ecstasy ,y brain uses, let me see the pain youve been, introduced to in this game, i can be more than a friend ,but its hard to say, where the wind will take us, you look with that make up, girl we should go and make love, if you down then we can stay up, forever on the sunny side, keep it true when money lies, i swear that when you speak girl its priceless make my tummy fly, with butterflies that hover high above the heavens time is of the essence im in love with yo selection, imperfect complexion deserving the best in the world im certain this message that im adressing is urgent is burning inside of my heart you a part of my furnance you turning my frozen moments to to fire like the weed we smoking

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