Karl Kani on Giving Kanye Fashion Advice, Kanye Having the Trump Effect

What do Donald Trump and Kanye West have in common? Well, according to Karl Kani, they both have the gift of gab and know how to push enough buttons to make an impact. The designer has known Yeezy around the time he dropped “Through The Wire” and built a friendship based on favors that he would help artists Kani was working with and in return would feed him information on the fashion industry. When the ambitious rapper decided he wanted to step into the billion dollar industry, Kani says he wanted to be bigger than Jay Z. Kani says West told him “‘I want to be big like Jay Z in fashion. You know like when Jay Z puts something on, everybody wants to wear what he has on…That’s what I want to be.'”

As for the rapper’s past rants and infamous Sway interview discussing the struggle to break into fashion, Kani believes it’s just the rapper’s genius way to “make an impact.” “Kanye got the Donald Trump effect. He says the right things; he knows how to push buttons.” He explained, “He knows what to say when to say it, and how to say it. And he knows how to make people know that he’s hot.”


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