Lil Bibby: Gucci Mane is His Idol, G Herbo Stupid for Doing Lean

Like everyone else, Lil Bibby is overly-excited that Gucci Mane is finally home to give the streets some classic trap music and the typical Gucci humor. The Chicago native says that he would love to collaborate with Gucci one day and appreciates his gangster persona. “Chicago people just love Gucci, man. He’s like everybody’s idol, he’s like a gangster.” He explained, “First of all, he killed somebody and then he rapped about it, and he made all types of diss songs. Man, Chicago just likes negative s***.”

Gucci’s work ethic really stood out when countless mixtapes were dropped while he was imprisoned. Now, Bibby is also working overtime and shares that he will be dropping a joint project with G Herbo soon and talks about staying lean-free just so he can stay focused and put his energy into his work. “I learned early that, that is a stupid drug. That’s a dumb a** drug because it makes you go to sleep.”

Bibby told DJ Vlad that he tried to give G Herbo advice on ditching the habit—he claims cost him $50K—but explains that his friend would have to make the decision on his own. “Eveytime he do the lean, I just look at him like ‘Man, bro, you’re stupid.’ But, you know people that’s doing that, they don’t like to hear that.”


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