Old Eminem Type Beat Instrumental | “FunHop” (Prod.By Jason Hits) *SOLD*

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  • Jacob Garb

    I am a guy man stop speaking random guy ugly i am four eye B reminded me i pee blood a maner of speaking no of having fun one life russia die i never fear batman and robine rando o no rabin go bee i see the pop stain mom said fack me random beat but ok jone joe cat i save my pussy stain

  • Edgar Espinosa

    O shit, momma told me to quit, paroles on my head, doing drugs in my lungs, perfecting it to a science go ahead and close your eye lids, I remember ooooooo no I don't remember last September, beat that bitch with some lumber, o I'm a mother Fucker, first date sex tape then I love her, can set up dates were fucking under the cover,..

  • Jaden La'stray Newberry

    A work in progress, but with me and my two friends all together in this we're fucking killing it lmao

    Intro: I don’t need you slut with your stank ass pussy, the fumes of your cunt is really driving me crazy

    Verse 1: (Baby I gotta know something, do you love me?) Hell fucking no, I don’t need the std/ gonorrhea syphill-AIDS mixed with herpes, The pussy’s probably better on Jocelyn Wilderstein/ need a nut buster cum sucker acting like a wild fucker, while your stache is bigger than on family guy with Tom Tucker/ blunt bummin for a dick suckin though no one gonna touch you especially if they need two hands in order just to fuck you / in between the legs it’s hotter than a kiln, slidin it in is so gross, that shit for sure will make you ill/ how do you get a thrill when your shit cheaper than goodwill/ nasty like a landfill needing me an Advil, your game’s such a shame it’s the lame coochie to blame, so stay out of my aim as the rhymes broil like a flame. That’s why my mouth and your VJ would be way too fiery/ Spicier than Taco Bell on super taco Tuesday.

    Chorus: I don’t need you slut with your stank ass pussy, the fumes of your cunt is really driving me crazy, so un-intell-igent making Hellen Keller look genius, you need to read, the new, testament cause bitch you need Jesus.

    Verse 2: Dumb as a bag of rocks, I’ll tell you what I’ve seen, Drinking chlorine like cuisine trying to get higher than Charlie Sheen/ Bitch you’re fucking retard as hell, trying to OD on over counter pain pills

  • Prana Shun

    iam work n on a album and lookin for beats ,also anyone lokkin fora good engineer ,my bro is one of the best ,his name is malichi ,facebook hes name is micheal bradford

  • Adam Kine

    look at this bullshit homeless across America and governments tryin to send back ethnic groups that help the states to what it is now that's the kind of ignorance were use to I guess but ill never get it or be on common ground with these bigits its good thing we still got music to relinquish our stress and repent this is indeed a call for a new revolution to begin very soon watch what happens when we use our basic sences and start tearin these fences down in defence  soon we the people will unite as one very soon so shout out your thoughts get into the mixs and begin to vent to one another so we the people can try to fix what our government cant or wont ! The time starts now to get our minds right no more bein just that creature OF HABIT

  • dude1227

    I'm back again, here I go, I'm tryin not to spit so fast, go slow, when she give head I tell her oh no, get over the bed, throat fucking your head, til I explode, cover the holes on your nose! lol Every word and everything i say has meaning and flow, I'm sorry if i offend, I honestly have no control, but here take this ticket and go wait your turn, I told her as she started getting rough, she has to learn! one hoe, two hoe, three hoe four, five hoe, six hoe, seven hoe more! I can fuck all day, like my rhymes they bust leavin your head with my words of sperm! lol lmao totally freestyled that!!!

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