Rainy Days (With Hook) – Joey Badass & J. Cole Type Beat 2016 (Prod. Khalid Mxsic)

For licensing Contact: khalidmxsic@gmail.com

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About The Author


  • Kronic Energy Productions

    DO you have all rights to this beat, because I have written a crazy song to it but i don't want the tags and i'm willing to buy but need to make sure all legal details are taken care of so i can sell the completed product

  • The Game

    Ever since the beginning
    It's been never ending pain and
    I've always felt so detained by this brand
    given to me by the divan and they were always ready for the day.
    Since I was ALWAYS the one in the way and ready to pay
    my life for just one last light, is it right to give in to the night.
    But I'll join in on this fight with all my might,
    with a new name but is this a lame flute
    or is it even right to pursue it?
    I dunno the game never was very lucid
    or worth two cents in its fame or claim
    maybe given a little friction. Perhaps it would
    cut the affliction and change for a better name
    but it's all the same, be me then you'll see.
    What a sordid shame, assorted pain, a sword in me,
    sort of me but full of glee.
    With a little offence on the side of the intent.
    But off the fence and inside we must admit this is
    a vile allied defense. Ready to guide the ride and tied till
    he relents but he died the next mile he wouldn't be pried from the ride
    not if his pride had anything to side with but that's the price
    to legtimise your stifling life to a vine of swine to assign
    you for a line of a seemingly benign aligned design to define
    your last night is that really fine with you?
    Is it even worth a dime? If then lemme chime it in and come again
    Not like there's anything else to choose anew.

  • DJ Baws

    White kid in this shit.
    Spent an hour writing this, trick.
    No that's a lie, it was more like five minutes bitch.
    And yes, I'm so fucking sick.
    It's like ebola when you step to me,
    But don't expect me to wipe of the mic when I shit.
    I'm coming up on the Youtube comment rap buisness.
    Making your producer pissed.
    Who is "Gon?"
    He's the one that swelled up your lip,
    With just one flick.
    Like a magic trick.
    I'm redline insane.
    Comes from the evil within my brain.
    The blackness within my veins
    The pills that make me or break me everyday.
    And you want to test me like; "I don't even know this kid's name."
    That's just because I sold my soul just today.
    With only one wish in play.
    I wanted to be the best in the game,
    Like all the other kids who live for the flame.
    The spark that drives them away from lame.
    But If this is the rap game,
    I don't want the fame.
    I want it to go back like it was in the day.
    Where we rapped for play, before my time, before my rhymes..
    These kids only want the pay.
    But, dare say.
    What would you give up to be number one on this rainy day?

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