Kobe Bryant: Westbrook is the Most Athletic Opponent, I’ve Ever Played

Yesterday one of the greatest players in basketball history played the last road game of his prolific career against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the game we were able to hear his thoughts during the Lakers press conference. Emotions running high, Kobe opens up the discussion with his response to how he’s feeling with his last game officially being in the NBA record books. Throughout the dialogue with correspondents, Kobe expresses his thoughts on OKC stars Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook. Despite the Golden State Warriors receiving most of the attention in the western conference, Bryant says Westbrook shouldn’t be overlooked, accrediting him to be the most athletic players he’s ever played against.

Get more from the Mamba’s last press conference in the video above.

Video credit: Travis Singleton (www.youtube.com/channel/UC0mqRPWso3jCALrF2LU­RnPA?nohtml5=False)


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