Chris Gotti: Rise of Murder Inc, Selling 30 Million Albums, Making Half a Billion

Chris Gotti co-founded one of the most iconic labels in hip-hop, Murder Inc, with his brother Irv, and he spoke about the start-up of the business during a recent interview with VladTV. Chris told us that he started out managing Irv, who was producing for such big names as Mariah Carey and J.Lo, and the two brother later ended up putting out a rapper by the name of Mike Geronimo. Through a clever marketing idea involving a 1-900 music video request line, Irv and Chris were able to catapult Mike Geronimo into the spotlight with little money coming from their end.

While Mike G didn’t become a superstar, Irv and Chris would go on to work with some of the biggest hip-hop stars of all time, including Ja Rule, DMX, and Jay Z, whom Irv used to DJ for. Chris added that while no one knew the heights that Jay would reach in his career, he told us that the Brooklyn rapper had a special star quality about him that was different from other artists.

Check out more of our interview with Chris Gotti, including his story about discovering Ashanti and convincing Irv to sign her, in the above clip.


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