Hopsin on Being Self-Made Millionaire & Beef With Funk Volume Co-Founder

Hip-Hop fans were stunned after Hopsin announced that he was leaving Funk Volume after falling out with co-founder Damien Ritter. The “No Words” rapper went into detail about the breaking point he had with the way he was being treated at the label, as he claims that Ritter repeatedly told him that he “didn’t work hard,” which he found to be disrespectful. Hopsin explained that after the third time Ritter insulted him, he had enough and decided to leave the label.

During the conversation Hopsin also spoke about how his rise to becoming a self-made millionaire in his late 20s, which he said he always knew would happen if he put in the hard work to realize his dreams. And while he was able to make a lot of money off of the Funk Volume label, Hopsin admits he was young and naive when he gave Damien a 50/50 split of the company when first starting the label.

To hear more of what Hopsin say about the situation, including dropping a diss track at Damien, and the current status of Funk Volume, hit the above clip.


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