Nikki Benz: Girls in the Industry Won’t Do Interracial But Date Black Men – If you’re familiar with the superstars of the industry, then surely you know about Alexis Texas. A couple years back it was revealed she doesn’t do interracial scenes with Black men, a taboo of some sorts in that particular industry. According to Nikki Benz, however, Alexis is far from racist.

Benz says Alexis Texas is “a very good friend” of hers as she alludes to rumors that her film buddy actually has a Black boyfriend. Nikki says a lot of White women who refuse to do interracial scenes simply choose not to, due to their “very territorial” Black partners not wanting to see them in a scene with another Black man, and nothing more.

Watch as she justifies White stars not taking on interracial scenes above.


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  • Teddie Bearsona

    jesus christ… the girls just do not want to do it on BLACK GUYS… and the blacks are getting mad and crying like shit…
    they just don't want to do in on blacks then they are RACIST? what the fuck is that about…

    my black friends in philippines were right… they told us something like one of these… like did not want to -> then it is RACIST…
    chinese are not like that, filipinoes are not like that but blacks are? BUTTHURT ALREADY? bec. what this bitch said?

    my black friends told me also that blacks still thinking about the black SLAVERY until now then put it in some situations just like this one… and the result is "RACIST"

    Thank god i'm so happy that all of my black friends in the Philippines are Open-minded and MATURE… not like these butthurt blacks…

    What about most of the porn videos that i watched where blacks are being racist towards whites bec. of their dicks and etc.
    WHERE THE WHITES complaining or telling the blacks that they were racist?
    or because you still want revenge with regards to black slavery back then?
    GROW UP geez…

  • Jerry c

    black guys racist towards themselves… most black male porn stars or black men in general only let there women perform with white guys…wtf is up with that

  • Electricladyland1994

    The logic in that argument makes absolutely no sense. So as a black guy you don't want your white GF fucking other black guys on screen but you're cool with her fucking as many white guys as she wants? Lmao that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Like I get the whole, "I wanna be the only black dude she fucks" argument but in all honesty that argument is weak AF and is pretty much a subconscious admittance that these black guys think there is a serious difference between fucking a white guy and a black guy. I mean either way your GF is getting fucked, what does it matter if she's fucking a white dick or a black dick, does the color of the dick change the fact you still have a GF who's getting penetrated by guys who aren't you for a living? This is some seriously moronic reasoning and I wouldn't be surprised if she's just making this shit up lol. Either that or the black guys dating these chicks are uncle tom coons with extreme self loathing race issues. Btw, Sophie Dee has done tons of I/R including some with Lexington Steele, so wtf is she talking about? If Alexis Texas has a black BF then why doesn't she come forward and reveal him to the public? What is she so ashamed of with him that she won't make his presence publicly known? More bullshit.

  • John Joseph

    C'mon yo, of course she don't have a black boyfriend. What sense would that make? How could someone have a black boyfriend but refuse to do interracial scenes with Black men? lol she don't have a black boyfriend smh

  • Derrick Funnye'

    This bitch sounds dumb as hell. She must really think blks are stupid. So blk men who's white gf is having anal, gangbangs and swallowing everthing under the sun is cool with that. As long as it's not a blk man. Bitch gtfoh. Why not just avoid the answer or say what it is. Who spends the most money on porn, white males. It's about money so who could blame her. She tricks so what ever she has to do to get her moeny get it. I don't think she's a racist. Just being smart. Nikki trying to play dumb or think blks are. If a blk guy is dating a porn chick. As long as she cashing them big checks doubt he cares. Wasn't like she was a housewife and flipped.

    Oh by the way that comment about Sophie Dee is bs as well. She screws who ever, race doesn't matter. This comes from someone who watches porn. She not sleeping with blk man on screen because her bf says so smh. Dumbest shit I have herd in a while.

  • X Pozay

    If you are denying a black male actor the ability to make a living because he is black then you are the very definition of a racist. I dont care how much black dick you suck behind closed doors , racism is about POWER not sex.

  • Jeremy Booker

    Most black guys in interracial porn movies act like dicks and morons/coons anyway. They act stereotypical when they do a scene with a white woman in the room. No different than in their personal lives. You are doing a scene with a racist white woman you a stupid motherfucker. A white women doing a scene with a black man who don't like whites. Well you're just as stupid.

  • cobra9

    That's not a general case. A general case is saying because the old white fat men who buy their scenes don't want to see them getting fucked by a black man, but they would love watching a white man bang a black woman.

  • ComocosonoEWL

    lol fuck any worthless pieces of shit that think IR is something that should happen. No reason in the world for white women to be with blacks, if they are with blacks then they are worthless ghetto trash sluts. Wouldnt be a problem if blacks were actually human beings instead of ignorant ghetto thug wanna be trash. They act like monkeys then ask why do you say racist shit? Well because you make black people look bad, that's why. fix your shit nigga

  • Matahari

    omg she use to be so pretty with makeup on no she looks like shit even with tons of makeup on, i'm guessing it's because of all the niggers she's fucking now days…. ewwww

  • ny5280

    Nikki Benz this big tit whore only does interracial now cuz she can make more money and its funny to see guys with 12inch cocks shove there dick down her throat hope this bitch gets DP"d by Lex Steele and Mandingo now that be funny..!

  • PrettyInGoldBlogger

    Lmao most white guys don't wanna see black men fuckin white women… Simply because they can't preform as well as black men… Considering how a lot of them be like 5inches hard, where most black men 7inches soft 😂. Stay mad.

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